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Madras to Maguire, H

MADRAS, Commissary General's Office

1818 Sep 23

Receipt for articles landed at Commissary General's Office, Madras, landed from "Lady Castlereagh" (Reel 6047; 4/1741 p.299)

1818 Oct 13

Statement certifying differences in quantity of spirits marked on casks landed from "Lady Castlereagh" & actual contents (Reel 6047; 4/1741 p.311)

MADY, Thomas

1821 Sep 8

Labourer, Stores. On list of all persons victualled from H.M. Magazines (Reel 6016; 4/5781 p.67)

MAGAR, John (Per "Minerva", 1818) see HAYBURN, John


1820 Jun 15-Aug 5

James Newcombe tried by the Court of Criminal Jurisdiction for stealing from (Reel 6023; X820 p.11)



MAGEE, Catherine. Wife of Henry Magee


Petition for her husband Henry to be assigned to her (Fiche 3250; 4/1874 p.151). Reply, 7 Jul (Reel 6014; 4/3514 p.585)

MAGEE, Henry. Husband of Catherine; blacksmith at Barren Hills


Petition from his wife Catherine for him to be assigned to her (Fiche 3250; 4/1874 p.151). Reply, 7 Jul (Reel 6014; 4/3514 p.585)

MAGEE, Henry. Per "Castle Forbes", 1824

1824 Jan 20

On list of convicts landed from the "Castle Forbes" & forwarded to Bathurst for distribution (Reel 6012; 4/3510 p.196)

1824 Apr 10

On list of prisoners on establishment at Bathurst with sentences not transmitted (Reel 6028; 2/8283 p.103)

1825 Jan 31

On lists of prisoners discharged from Bathurst during Jan 1825; listed as McGee (Fiche 3300; 4/1916.1 pp.4, 8)

MAGEE, Henry. Per "Martha", 1818


On list of prisoners assigned; listed as McGee (Fiche 3290; 4/4570D p.77)

1824 May 31, Jun 4

Re permission to marry in the Roman Catholic Church (Reel 6013; 4/3511 pp.426-7)

MAGEE, Lawrence. Per "Tellicherry", 1806

1805 Aug 17

On list of convicts embarked on board the "Tellicherry" (Reel 6028; 2/8283 p.37)

MAGEE, Mary. Of Richmond

1818 Feb 16

On list of applicants for spirit licenses (Reel 6006; 4/3498 p.63)


1821 Mar 24

Store receipts of for wheat (Reel 6051; 4/1748 p.153)

MAGEE, Patrick. Per "Earl St Vincent", 1818

1818 Dec 21

On list of convicts disembarked from the "Earl St Vincent" & forwarded to Windsor for distribution (Reel 6006; 4/3499 p.222)

1820 Nov 7

On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per "Elizabeth Henrietta"; listed as Magill (Reel 6007; 4/3502 p.406)

1821 Dec 27

On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per "Elizabeth Henrietta", listed as McGee (Reel 6008; 4/3504A p.202)


Petition for mitigation of sentence (Fiche 3234; 4/1870 p.26)

1823 Mar

On monthly return of prisoners punished at Newcastle; listed as McGee (Reel 6023; 4/1718 p.165)

MAGEE, Philip


Convicted of murder (Reel 6070; 4/1265 p.151)

MAGEE, Philip. Per "Archduke Charles", 1813

1813 Feb 19

On list of convicts disembarked from the "Archduke Charles" & forwarded to Windsor for distribution (Reel 6002; 4/3491 p.400)


(For convenience all entries relating to the surname MAGENNIS have been merged with those for MCGINNIS and the latter spelling adopted.)

MAGGICK, William. Per "General Hewitt", 1814; brickmaker

1818 Jul 1

On list of prisoners presently or lately at Bathurst recommended for mitigation of sentence (Reel 6065; 4/1798 p.107)

1821 Sep 21

On account of claims against the estate of Annisley Magraw & David Bell (Reel 6053; 4/1756 p.86)

MAGGS, George (Per "Grenada", 1821) see WHITE, Stephen

MAGGS, James

1813 Jan 3

Inquest on body of (Reel 6021; 4/1819 pp.427-32)

MAGGS, John. Per "Canada", 1801

1810 Jun 9

Granted certificate of freedom; appears as Meggs (Reel 6038; SZ758 p.52)

MAGGS, Lott. Per "Royal Charlotte", 1825

1825 May 6

On list of convicts landed from the "Royal Charlotte" & forwarded to Bathurst for distribution (Reel 6014; 4/3514 p.212)

MAGGS, Robert. Per "Hadlow", 1818

1819 May 11

On list of prisoners sent to Newcastle per "Elizabeth Henrietta" (Reel 6006; 4/3500 p.109)

1821 Aug 29

Executed (Reel 6070; 4/1265 p.39)

MAGGS, Samuel. Per "Eliza", 1818

1821 May 28

On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per "Snapper" (Reel 6008; 4/3504 p.36)

1822 May

On monthly return of prisoners punished at Newcastle (Reel 6023; 4/1718 p.149)

1822 Aug 24, Sep 29

On returns of convicts discharged from the Establishment, Emu Plains; runaway (Reel 6028; 2/8283 pp.119, 121)

1822 Oct 7

On lists of prisoners transported to Port Macquarie per "Lady Nelson" (Reel 6019; 4/3864 pp.11, 372-3)

1823 c.Apr

On return of convict absentees from Emu Plains apprehended & sentenced to Port Macquarie from 1 Apr 1822 to 31 Mar 1823 (Reel 6028; 2/8283 p.141)

MAGGS, William. Per "Indefatigable", 1815

1815 Apr 29

On list of prisoners disembarked from the "Indefatigable" & forwarded to Parramatta for distribution (Reel 6004; 4/3494 p.66)


On list of members of Oxley's expedition to the Lachlan River 1817 (Reel 6068; 4/1814 pp.27, 35)

1817 Jun 24

Labourer in Oxley's expedition, received issue of shoes (Reel 6046; 4/1737 p.329)

1818 Dec

Shepherd to John Oxley on exploration of Lachlan River. Petition for mitigation of sentence (Fiche 3187; 4/1855 p.175)

1819 Jun 10

Paid from the Police Fund as donation for services on Oxley's expedition of discovery (Reel 6038; SZ1044 p.54)



(For convenience all entries relating to the surname MAGINNIS have been merged with those for MCGINNIS and the latter spelling adopted.)

MAGISTRATES (by place) see also AIRDS, Magistrates; APPIN, Magistrates; ARGYLE; BATHURST, Magistrates; BRINGELLY, Magistrates; CAMPBELLTOWN, Magistrates; CAWDOR, Magistrates; COOKE, Magistrates; CUMBERLAND, County of; EVAN, Magistrates; LIVERPOOL, Magistrates; MINTO, Magistrates; MOLLES MAINS, Magistrates; NEWCASTLE, Magistrates; PARRAMATTA, Magistrates; PENRITH, Magistrates; REGENTVILLE, Magistrates; RICHMOND, Magistrates; SYDNEY, Magistrates; WILBERFORCE, Magistrates; WINDSOR, Magistrates

MAGISTRATES (individuals) see also ANTILL, Henry Colden; ARNDELL, Thomas; BERRY, Alexander; BLAXLAND, Gregory; BRABYN, John; BROOKS, Richard; BROUGHTON, William; BROWNE, William; CARTWRIGHT, Robert (Revd); CLOSE, Edward Charles; COX, William; HARRINGTON, Thomas Cudbert; HARRIS, John; HELY, Frederick Augustus; HOWE, William; IRVINE, Francis; JAMISON, John (Sir); JAMISON, Thomas; LAWSON, William; LOWE, Robert; MCHENRY, John; MCLEOD, Donald; MACVITIE, Thomas; MARSDEN, Samuel (Revd); MASON, Martin; MOORE, Thomas; OGILVIE, William; PALMER, George Thomas; PALMER, John; PIPER, John; REDDALL, Thomas (Revd); SCOTT, Robert; THROSBY, Charles; WEBBER, James Philips


1806 Aug 13

List of magistrates for County of Cumberland (Reel 6041; 4/1721 p.6)

1811 Sep 18

Form of commission, oath of office, & declaration made by against transubstantiation (Reel 6043; 4/1726 pp.166-8)

1814 Aug 16

At general meeting to consider deficiency of grain made resolutions on type & price of bread, licensing of bakers, weekly ration of dry provisions to servants, & price of wheat & maize grown in Colony (Reel 6044; 4/1730 pp.251-3)

1814 Sep 10

To make quarterly returns of all fines & punishments (Reel 6039; SZ756 p.155)

1816 Apr 9

Circular to magistrates re action to be taken against Aborigines (Reel 6004; 4/3494 pp.448-9)

1816 Sep 7

Action of Jeffery Hart Bent in imprisoning William Broughton without proper trial condemned by all magistrates except Revd Samuel Marsden (Reel 6045; 4/1735 p.126)

1816 Nov 19

Magistrates not to interfere with Government labour gangs except in cases of criminal acts (Reel 6045; 4/1735 pp.199-200)

1817 Jul 5

General Order convening magistrates to consider policy re prosperity of Colony (Reel 6038; SZ759 p.364)

1817 Aug 11

Points on trespass, impounding, maintenance of roads & bridges, & care of sick & aged to be submitted before Bench of Magistrates (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.189-91)

1817 Aug 25

To prosecute persons hoarding wheat to sell at unreasonable price (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.229-31)

1817 Dec 6; 1818 Jan 6

Minutes of evidence, & report, re charges against Thomas Whyte, master of "Elizabeth Henrietta" of deficiency in wheat delivered to Commissary Department from Hobart, & false muster of crew (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.331-41, 344-7, 348-9)

1817 Dec 24

Report of John Wylde, D'Arcy Wentworth, Richard Brooks & Simeon Lord investigating complaints of male convicts of ill-treatment & loss of property on "Larkins" (Reel 6047; 4/1739 pp.94-8)

1818 Feb 26

Report re charges made by seamen of "Friendship" against Andrew Armet, captain, & Peter Cosgreave, surgeon (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.87-8)

1818 Mar 16

Re public meeting of magistrates ordered by Governor Macquarie (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.11-2)

1818 Oct 20

Statements of respective magistrates as delivered at the Public Meeting in pursuance of His Excellency's direction re pound charges, trespass, enclosure of lands & repair of roads (Reel 6047; 4/1741 pp.1-27)

1818 Oct 20

Report of points considered at assembly of bench of magistrates re damages for trespass, need for additional pounds, repair of roads not provided by toll, etc (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.192-207)

1818 Oct 27

Comments on report of bench of magistrates which considered trespass, pound rates, etc (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.208-11)

1818 Nov 21

All fines & penalties imposed by magistrates of the Colony to be recoverable before a Justice of the Peace on proof (Reel 6039, SZ756 pp.173-4; Reel 6047, 4/1741 pp.101-6)

1818 Nov 21

Jurisdiction given to magistrates to determine matters in dispute for work & labour (Reel 6039, SZ756 pp.169-71; Reel 6047, 4/1741 pp.107-14)

1819 Jul 8

Depositions re charges made by L H Halloran against Captain Lamb (Reel 6048; 4/1742 pp.126-37)

1819 Jul 9

Minutes of proceedings re John Thomas Campbell's action in allowing L H Halloran to be at large after magistrates had cancelled ticket of leave (Reel 6048; 4/1742 pp.146-8)

1819 Jul 10

Report on grievances of L H Halloran against Captain Lamb, captain of "Baring" (Reel 6048; 4/1742 pp.144-5)

1819 Jul 11

Sentence of cancellation of ticket of leave passed by magistrates on L H Halloran approved of, though considered inadequate (Reel 6048; 4/1742 pp.149-51)

1819 Aug 22

Commission of William Cox to act as magistrate in County of Westmoreland revoked, & William Lawson appointed (Reel 6048; 4/1742 pp.395-8)

1820 Feb 14

Thanks to answers to queries on the state of the Colony submitted to the magistrates & clergy. List of queries attached (Reel 6049; 4/1744 pp.110-4)

1820 Mar 18

List of persons who are Magistrates for the County of Cumberland; noting dates of Commissions (Reel 6007; 4/3501 pp.305-6)

1820 Mar 27

No mode of appointment possible by which precedency could be established; no ground of precedency in England except as matter of private courtesy (Reel 6049; 4/1744 pp.216-9)

1820 Apr 15

Impounding rates to be at reduced rates as proposed by Bench of Magistrates (Reel 6049; 4/1744 pp.245-51)

1820 Apr 20

Circular giving Governor Macquarie's instructions as to sentences & assignment of convicts, issue of tickets of leave & appointment of constables (Reel 6049; 4/1744 pp.261-3)

1820 Jul

Police Magistrate & Former Police Magistrate on list of persons in the procession to be held on 23 Jul 1820 to mark the accession of George IV (Reel 6049; 4/1744 pp.407, 409)

1821 Jul 7

Report on Sydney Gaol; building in bad state of repair & insecure; Deputy Gaoler R Dalton & Constable W Chandler guilty of neglect but not privy to recent escape of prisoners (Reel 6051; 4/1748 pp.353-5)

1821 Sep 12

Report on behaviour of John Gandell, Superintendent of Convict Barracks, towards Revd Richard Hill when reproved for swearing, committing Gandell for trial & recommending removal from position before trial (Reel 6051; 4/1749 pp.31-4)

1821 Dec 11

John Palmer & William Browne willing to serve as magistrates (Reel 6052; 4/1751 pp.107-10)

1822 c.May

Copy of petition from the magistrates seeking Government assistance towards the erection of the Roman Catholic Chapel at Hyde Park (Reel 6052; 4/1753 pp.133-133a)

1822 Aug 30

John Wylde discussing their jurisdiction (Reel 6054; 4/1758 pp.123-125c)

1823 Sep

Letter from magistrates suggesting that the Governor authorise a bench of magistrates in each district to sit once a year to investigate claims of convict servants whose masters would not sanction their applications for tickets of leave (Reel 6058; 4/1769 pp.129-129a)


1818 Apr 13

William Hall arrived per "Magnet" hoping to become settler (Reel 6047; 4/1741 p.266)

1818 Sep 28

Bound for China. Re attested copy of muster roll of (Reel 6018; 4/3521 p.190)

1821 Jan 29

Bound for Batavia. Re attested copy of muster roll of (Reel 6018; 4/3521 p.275)

"MAGNET", Master of see VINE, George B


1819 Nov 9

Dismissed from position of Government gardener (Reel 6048; 4/1742 pp.437-9)

MAGOR, James. Per "Globe", 1819

1819 Jan 30

On list of convicts transhipped from the "Globe" to the "Elizabeth Henrietta" & forwarded to Port Dalrymple (Reel 6006; 4/3499 p.297)

MAGOWAN, Michael (Per "Isabella", 1822) see MAGUIRE, Michael

MAGRADERS, Bryan (Per "Daphne", 1819) see MCGRODEN, Bryan



1824 Oct 15

Ticket of leave to be suspended for one month. On return of fines & punishments in the Police Office (Reel 6023; 4/6671 p.96)

MAGRATH, Edward. Runaway from Moreton Bay

1825 Nov 23

Deposition of John Longbottom re escape & drowning (Reel 6069; 4/1816 pp.489-90)

MAGRATH, Eleanor

1811 Jul 27

Sent as prisoner to Newcastle; listed as McGra (Reel 6003; 4/3492 p.50)

1817 Aug 14

Pass to go to Sydney (Reel 6066; 4/1806 p.83)

1818 Jun 3

Free woman at Newcastle. For permission to go to Sydney (Reel 6066; 4/1806 p.122)

1818 Jul 14

Given a pass to Sydney (Reel 6066; 4/1806 p.127)

1822 Jan 7

Re permission to marry at Newcastle; appears as Elleonora McGraw (Reel 6008; 4/3504A p.241)

MAGRATH, James. Of Parramatta

1813 Aug 7

On list of persons holding licences for sale of wine & spirituous liquors (Reel 6038; SZ758 pp.405-7)

MAGRATH, James. Per "Tellicherry", 1806

1805 Aug 17

On list of convicts embarked on board the "Tellicherry" (Reel 6028; 2/8283 p.36)


1820 Nov 24; 1821 Mar 24

Store receipts of for fresh pork & wheat (Reel 6051; 4/1748 pp.138, 154)

MAGRATH, John. Per "Surrey", 1816

1816 Dec 26

On list of convicts disembarked from the "Surrey" & forwarded to Parramatta for distribution (Reel 6005; 4/3495 p.410)

MAGRATH, Thomas. Per "Guildford"; labourer in stonemason's gang

1816 Jul 19

Evidence at inquest on Michael Scandlin (Reel 6021; 4/1819 p.629)

MAGRATH, Thomas. Per "Marquis of Wellington"

1820 Sep 16

Drafted from Emu Plains to Sydney for disorderliness (Reel 6050; 4/1747 pp.151-4)

MAGRAW, Annersley, Annisley, Ansalah or Ansley (Per "Hercules", 1802) see MCGRAW, Ansley



1823 Dec 26,27

Re permission to marry in the Roman Catholic Church at Sydney (Reel 6012; 4/3510 pp.100-1)

MAGUIRE, Andrew. Per "Mary", 1819

1824 Dec 2

Affidavit re loss of his ticket of leave (Reel 6028; 4/1690 p.105)

MAGUIRE, Bernard. Per "Asia", 1825

1825 Feb

On list of convicts landed from the "Asia" & forwarded to Parramatta for distribution; listed as McGuire (Reel 6014; 4/3513 p.490)

MAGUIRE, Cornelius. Per "Three Bees", 1814

1814 May 11

On list of convicts disembarked from the "Three Bees" & forwarded to Windsor for distribution (Reel 6004; 4/3493 p.165)

MAGUIRE, Hugh. Per "Canada", 1815

1821 Mar 29

On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per "Elizabeth Henrietta" (Reel 6007; 4/3503 p.198)

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