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Wylde, John (Sir) (Nov 1817-Jun 1820)

1817 Nov 1-13

James Belbin, John Fawkner, Anthony Fenn Kemp, George Clarke and John Broadhurst Boothman seeking remuneration for expenses incurred in coming to Sydney from Hobart as witnesses in court martial of P G Hogan (Reel 6046; 4/1737 pp.145-54)

1817 Nov 9

Members of Committee of Inquiry into ill-treatment of convicts on "Chapman", not unanimous (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.58-61)

1817 Nov 12

Must retract letter written to Barron Field (Reel 6046; 4/1738 p.318)

1817 Nov 12

Letter transmitting papers re Patrick Hogan, Commissary at Hobart (Reel 6005; 4/3497 p.135)

1817 Nov 14

Letter transmitting documents re short delivery of grain per "Elizabeth Henrietta" for investigation by Bench (Reel 6005; 4/3497 p.139)

1817 Nov 15,17

Re report of Committee of Inquiry into treatment of convicts on "Chapman" (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.71-5)

1817 Nov 17

Letter from Governor Macquarie re report of Committee of Enquiry into treatment of convicts on "Chapman" (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.81-4)

1817 Nov 18

Barron Field declining to attend the reassembled Committee of Inquiry on deaths and ill-treatment of convicts on "Chapman" (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.38-9)

1817 Nov 18

Requesting John Thomas Campbell to attend re-assembly of Committee of Enquiry into treatment of convicts on "Chapman" (Reel 6046; 4/1738 p.88)

1817 Nov 18

Governor Macquarie stating that persons considered guilty of ill-treatment of convicts on "Chapman" are the captain, surgeon, officer of the guard, three mates & three soldiers (Reel 6046; 4/1738 p.89)

1817 Nov 19

Governor Macquarie noting Wylde's and Wentworth's refusal to revise report of Committee of Enquiry into ill-treatment of convicts on "Chapman" (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.90-3)

1817 Nov 19

Re scope of the report of the Committee of Enquiry into ill-treatment of convicts on "Chapman" (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.94-7)

1817 Nov 21

Anthony Fenn Kemp asking that trial of P G Hogan take place at once so that he may not be detained longer in Sydney as witness (Reel 6046; 4/1737 p.155)

1817 Nov 24

Found no evidence of offences of non-bailable character in case of ill-treatment of convicts on "Chapman"; list of witness attached (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.98-104, 115)

1817 Nov 26

Criticising opinion held by Barron Field on legal question of reasonable justification in acts of firing on convicts on "Chapman" (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.105-14)

1817 Nov 27

Governor Macquarie requesting that recognizances & bail bonds be completed for captain & mates of "Chapman" returning to England to answer charges connected with treatment of convicts on that ship (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.120-3)

1817 Nov 28

Asking for copy of his last letter as he felt it might have been misunderstood by the Governor (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.124-6)

1817 Nov 28

Explaining further his legal opinion re persons charged in connection with ill-treatment of convicts on "Chapman" (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.127-43)

1817 Nov 29

Acknowledging letter of instructions to complete recognizances & bail bonds for persons returning to England to answer charges in connection with ill-treatment of convicts on "Chapman" (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.144-5)

1817 Nov 29

Governor Macquarie requesting the preparation of all recognizances, bail bonds & instruments of hypothecation of appearance of the captain & three mates of "Chapman", before British Government on charges preferred against them (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.146-9)

1817 Dec 1

Re Wylde's advice on arrest and passage to England (Reel 6005; 4/3497 pp.206-7)

1817 Dec 3

Re investigation into short delivery of wheat per "Elizabeth Henrietta" (Reel 6005; 4/3497 p.183)

1817 Dec 6

Anthony Fenn Kemp again seeking remuneration of expenses incurred in coming to Sydney from Hobart as witness in court martial of P G Hogan (Reel 6046; 4/1737 p.164)

1817 Dec 8

Re documents concerning court martial of P G Hogan (Reel 6046; 4/1737 pp.165-6, 171-3)

1817 Dec 8

Requesting conditional pardon for John Croaker and James Mordaunt, employed as clerks in Judge Advocate's office (Reel 6046; 4/1737 pp.167-70)

1817 Dec 9

William Jemott seeking remuneration of expenses incurred in coming to Sydney from Hobart as witness in court martial of P G Hogan (Reel 6046; 4/1737 pp.176-9)

1817 Dec 9

Re extracts from minutes of proceedings against P G Hogan and W Carby (Reel 6046; 4/1737 pp.180-1)

1817 Dec 9

Suggesting that his father become Superintendent of Police on retirement of D Wentworth, continue his office as Clerk of the Peace but be freed from position as Crown Solicitor (Reel 6047; 4/1739 pp.72-4)

1817 Dec 10

Stating that request of John Hogan and John Jordan that seven men be sent home as witnesses for them in charges connected with the convicts on "Chapman" was reasonable and should be complied with (Reel 6046; 4/1738 p.160)

1817 Dec 10

Letter from D'Arcy Wentworth stating that soldiers, John Hogan and John Jordan, ordered home to answer charges re treatment of convicts on "Chapman", request that seven persons also be sent as witnesses on their behalf (Reel 6046; 4/1738 p.161)

1817 Dec 11

Transmitting recognizances and papers connected with sending of persons home to answer charges of ill-treatment of convicts on "Chapman" (Reel 6046; 4/1738 p.164)

1817 Dec 11

Re sending of additional witnesses to England (Reel 6005; 4/3497 pp.213-4, 218)

1817 Dec 11,15,20

Re necessity for witnesses for the defence in case of those charged with murder of convicts on "Chapman"; the instrument of hypothecation of the ship; & the documents furnished by him to Clerk of the Peace and Superintendent of Police as to parties to be taken into recognizance in connection with "Chapman" (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.165-7, 172, 176-7)

1817 Dec 15

Re hypothecation of "Chapman" within papers forwarded by Wylde (Reel 6005; 4/3497 p.230)

1817 Dec 19

Re depositions forwarded concerning soldiers to be sent to England for trial for murder (Reel 6005; 4/3497 p.242)

1817 Dec 19

Re omission of name Cornelius Crawley from list of witnesses in court martial of P G Hogan to be given passage back to Hobart (Reel 6046; 4/1737 pp.182-5)

1817 Dec 19

Re depositions of police in charge of murder against three soldiers; also re necessity or otherwise of obtaining Governor's signature to sentence against P G Hogan (Reel 6046; 4/1737 p.186)

1817 Dec 21

Re sending of Crawley as witness to England (Reel 6005; 4/3497 p.251)

1817 Dec 22

Re investigation by Bench of complaints of ill treatment of convicts on "Larkins" (Reel 6005; 4/3497 pp.246-7)

1817 Dec 22

Re receipt for Charter of the Courts (Reel 6005; 4/3497 p.252)

1817 Dec 24

On Bench of Magistrates investigating complaints of male convicts of ill-treatment and loss of property on "Larkins" (Reel 6047; 4/1739 pp.94-8)

1817 Dec 26

Re Court of Enquiry charges against W Broughton (Reel 6046; 4/1737 pp.187-9)

1817 Dec 27

Re report of Bench of Magistrates on matter of "Larkins" (Reel 6046; 4/1737 pp.190-2)

1817 Dec 29

Discussing court martial of W Broughton proposed by Court of Inquiry into charges brought by E Lord (Reel 6046; 4/1737 pp.193-6)

1817 Dec 29

Re issue of summons in connection with proposed court martial of W Broughton (Reel 6046; 4/1737 pp.197-9)


Re appointments to Court Martial (Reel 6047; 4/1740 p.10)

1818 Jan 2

Re investigation into allegations that G T Williams, master "Frederick" cast malicious aspersions on character of Macquarie (Reel 6005; 4/3497 pp.269-70)

1818 Jan 3

Re Court Martial about to be held (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.6, 32-3)

1818 Jan 5

Enclosing depositions in case against Mr Laurens, mate of "Larkins" (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.7-9, 27-31)

1818 Jan 6

On Bench of Magistrates to investigate charges against Thomas Whyte (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.348-9)

1818 Jan 23

Re investigation of Bench into complaints of misconduct on "Friendship" (Reel 6005; 4/3497 pp.315-9)

1818 Feb 14

Paid from the Police Fund for extra clerk employed on public service (Reel 6038; SZ759 p.440)

1818 Mar 13

Letter transmitting depositions re Michael Collett charged with murder (Reel 6006; 4/3498 p.85)

1818 Mar 14

Instrument of Protest and affidavits re damaged "San Antonio de Padua", signed before (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.94-109)

1818 Mar 16

Re result of public meeting of magistrates ordered by Governor Macquarie (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.11-2)

1818 Mar 23

For his opinion on the matter of charges brought by Edward Lord against Acting Assistant Commissary General Broughton, Hobart (Reel 6072; 4/6579 pp.25-32)

1818 Apr 14

Convicts disembarked from "Batavia" assigned to at Parramatta (Reel 6006; 4/3498 p.151)

1818 Apr 18

Advocating, after examination of memorial of constables re reduced rations, that police be put on same basis of allowance and salary as force in England (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.132-4)

1818 May 8

Re minutes by John Harris and Edward Riley considering William Gore's behaviour in court to be contemptuous (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.165-70)

1818 May 9

Requesting public meeting to consider address of condolence to Prince Regent on death of Princess Charlotte (Reel 6047, 4/1740 pp.183-4; Reel 6038, SZ759 p.465)

1818 May 12

Appointed member of committee to frame address of condolence to Prince Regent and Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg on death of Princess Charlotte (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.185-6)

1818 Jul 25

Member of committee of Female Orphan Institution, Parramatta (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.259-68)

1818 Aug 1

Re complaint of Lieutenant Governor W Sorell against John Thomas Williams, commander of "Frederick", for violation of port regulations at Van Diemen's Land (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.271-2)

1818 Aug 10

Re violation of port regulations by Captain J T Williams of "Frederick"; also to power of single magistrates in respect of corporal punishment (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.273-6)

1818 Aug 17

Re case of H Kitchen and sureties Cox and Piper (Reel 6006; 4/3499 pp.18, 19)

1818 Aug 27

Stating Bench of Magistrates' willingness to release "Glory" on which spirits had been smuggled without knowledge of master (Reel 6047; 4/1741 pp.288-9)

1818 Oct 5

Re wounding of convict on "Isabella" (Reel 6006; 4/3499 p.95)

1818 Oct 5

Thomas Spencer giving full particulars of charge against him and protesting innocence (Reel 6047; 4/1741 pp.303-5)

1818 Oct 9

Re memorial of Simeon Lord concerning advertisements in the Sydney Gazette, also re memorial of James Wilshire complaining of abuses in methods of tanning hides (Reel 6047; 4/1741 pp.28-46)

1818 Oct 9

Giving verdict of magistrates on charge against Robert Hookes of wounding Archibald Macquarie, prisoner on board "Isabella"; also enclosing depositions taken at enquiry (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.327-44)

1818 Oct 10

Re minutes of Bench of Magistrates of 13 Aug 1817 (Reel 6006; 4/3499 p.102)

1818 Oct 14-1821 Nov 14

At meetings of Committee of the Female Orphan Institution (Reel 6040; 4/403 pp.13, 15, 21, 24, 28, 37, 40, 41, 48, 49, 76, 78)

1818 Oct 16

Re hearing before magistrates of seizure of casks of spirits in Sydney Cove & in George William's building in George Street; forfeiture of spirits to Crown adjudged (Reel 6047; 4/1741 pp.47-50)

1818 Oct 20

Report of points considered at assembly of bench of magistrates re damages for trespass, need for additional pounds, repair of roads not provided by toll, etc (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.192-207)

1818 Oct 26

Re Mr Hook's application for release from court duty (Reel 6047; 4/1741 pp.69-71)

1818 Oct 27

Commenting on report of special bench of magistrates which considered matters such as trespass, pounds, etc (Reel 6046; 4/1738 pp.208-11)

1818 Oct 30

Reporting sentence of 12 months' imprisonment and dismissal from service imposed by magistrates on William Blue for neglect of duty (Reel 6047; 4/1741 pp.76-7)

1818 Nov 21

Acknowledging receipt of case of books from Earl Bathurst for court (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.13-4)

1818 Nov 21

Re account current of the Orphan Institution with the Treasurer (Reel 6047; 4/1740 p.15)

1818 Nov 21

Re Earl Bathurst's reply to application for supply of stationery for use of court (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.16-7)

1818 Dec 2-18

Information filed before John Wylde, Judge of Vice Admiralty Court, re breach of revenue laws by "Tottenham" and "Elizabeth" (Reel 6047; 4/1741 pp.149-76)

1818 Dec 12

Re sentence on William Bolton for stealing watch from Stephen Ferris (Reel 6047; 4/1741 pp.342-3)

1818 Dec 12

Outlining work still before court but had in mind Governor's wishes with regard to port regulations (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.18-21)

1818 Dec 18

Re proceedings against "Frederick" for breach of Port Regulations (Reel 6047; 4/1740 p.22)

1818 Dec 18

Suggesting that certain judgments in High Court of Admiralty had bearing on matter of "Tottenham" and "Elizabeth" (Reel 6047; 4/1740 p.23 & 4/1741 pp.177-88)

1818 Dec 21

Re charges against Francis Evans, William Smith and George Williams for sheep stealing (Reel 6047; 4/1740 pp.24-6)


Correspondence between Wylde and Governor Macquarie (Reel 6020; 2/8130 pp.137-221)


Testifying to character of George Todd, per "Indefatigable", for mitigation of sentence (Fiche 3201; 4/1860 p.64)


Testifying to character of William Wilkin, per "Fanny", for conditional pardon (Fiche 3202; 4/1860 p.93)

1819 Jan 1

On Committee of the Male Orphan Institution (Reel 6040; 4/400 p.10)

1819 Jan 21-Jul 11

Re matter of Lawrence H Halloran & his charges against John Lamb, master of the "Baring" (Reel 6048; 4/1742 pp.113-151)

1819 Feb 19

Governor Macquarie desiring minutes of proceedings of court martial of William Broughton on charges preferred by David Allan to be forwarded to Judge Advocate General, England, together with his recommendation to the Prince Regent in favour of W Broughton (Reel 6048; 4/1742 pp.94-6)

1819 Feb 20

Governor Macquarie considers David Allan's application for copy of proceedings of court martial of William Broughton irregular and illegal (Reel 6048; 4/1742 pp.100-3)

1819 Feb 20-Aug 24

Certifying correctness of accounts of the Police Fund (Reel 6038; SZ1044 pp.14, 60, 91)

1819 Feb 27, Jun 10

Certifying correctness of accounts of the Female Orphan Institution Fund (Reel 6038; SZ1044 pp.15, 61)

1819 Mar 1

Legal opinion re petition for sequestration against William Gore (Reel 6020; 2/8130 pp.91-3)

1819 Mar 5

Expressing doubt, on points of law, as to whether recent court martial on William Broughton had jurisdiction to proceed to judgement (Reel 6048; 4/1742 pp.104-7)

1819 Mar 11

Governor Macquarie requesting memorandum re doubt entertained as to legality of judgement of court martial on W Broughton (Reel 6048; 4/1742 pp.108-9)

1819 Mar 13

New scale of fees to be paid at office of Provost Marshal drawn up by John Wylde and Barron Field (Reel 6048, 4/1742 pp.178-84; Reel 6038, SZ1044 pp.24-6)

1819 Apr 18

Upset at the way officers of the late Court of Criminal Jurisdiction were treated at the Regimental Parade in consequence of request they should attend the execution of persons sentenced to death by them (Reel 6048; 4/1743 pp.233-5)

1819 Apr 30

On return of persons indebted to Government for cattle issued from the Government Herds, to be paid for in kind (Reel 6048; 4/1742 p.260)

1819 May 26

Letter enclosing copies of correspondence re Hannah Harris absconding from colony (Reel 6006; 4/3500 pp.126, 127)

1819 Jun 1

Re need to investigate treatment of Indian natives employed by Mr and Mrs Brown (Reel 6006; 4/3500 p.136)

1819 Jul 16

Informed of planned holding of Court of Appeals (Reel 6006; 4/3500 p.182)

1819 Jul 27

Re Owen McNally, sent to Sydney as witness (Reel 6006; 4/3500 p.193)

1819 Aug 21

Re amount of money owed by Mr Browne, and enclosures relating to Indian natives returned to India (Reel 6006; 4/3500 pp.225-8)

1819 Aug 24

Paid from the Police Fund for payments made to clerks in his office for extra services, and for candles for Criminal Court and general use on public occasions (Reel 6038; SZ1044 p.86)

1819 Sep 1

Minutes of Male Orphan Institution Committee signed by Wylde (Reel 6040; 4/400 p.14)

1819 Oct 19

J T Campbell requesting that Bench of Magistrates investigate charge of abduction against R L Murray (Reel 6048; 4/1743 pp.33-5)

1819 Oct 19

Re memorial of Elizabeth Crook concerning her daughter being taken on board the "Daphne" (Reel 6006; 4/3500 pp.303, 304)

1819 Oct 23

Letter from J T Campbell re charge against R L Murray; together with document received from Major Druitt on the matter of E Footman's evidence (Reel 6048; 4/1743 pp.44-9)

1819 Oct 23

Re evidence from Edward Footman concerning Emma Crook (Reel 6006; 4/3500 p.316)

1819 Oct 30, Nov 2

R L Murray requesting copies of certain documents in connection with charge of abduction laid against him before Bench of Magistrates (Reel 6048; 4/1743 pp.58-60, 89-90)

1819 Nov 6

Enclosing individual opinions of Bench of Magistrates re guilt or otherwise of R L Murray, charged with abduction of Emma Crook (Reel 6048; 4/1743 pp.97-9)

1819 Nov 6

Considered that R L Murray was privy to the abduction with which he was charged (Reel 6048; 4/1743 p.102)

1819 Nov 10

Circular re applications for pardons and tickets of leave (Reel 6007; 4/3501 pp.28-9)

1819 Nov 20

Re dismissal of R L Murray as first clerk in Police Department (Reel 6048; 4/1743 pp.103-4)

1819 Nov 20

Re investigation into charges made against Mr R L Murray (Reel 6007; 4/3501 pp.50-1)

1819 Nov 29

Recommending John Matthews for mitigation of sentence (Fiche 3198; 4/1859 p.47)

1819 Dec 16

Re regulations concerning a court martial (Reel 6007; 4/3501 p.114)

1820 Jan 7

Re warrants for appointments in general court martial to be assembled (Reel 6049; 4/1744 p.96)

1820 Jan 15

Circular transmitting questionnaire re his opinion on the state of the Colony as compared with the time previous to 1810 (Reel 6007; 4/3501 pp.188-91)

1820 Jan 17-Apr 17

Re court martial of Captain W N Watkins (Reel 6049; 4/1744 pp.6, 21, 22-31, 36-40, 44-5)

1820 Mar 13

Forwarding a petition from the Sydney constables re additional slops (Reel 6049; 4/1744 pp.104b-c)

1820 Mar 18

Re instructions for Magistrates (Reel 6007; 4/3501 pp.305-8)

1820 Mar 20

Transmitting report of Court of Criminal Jurisdiction; re lack of concern of prisoners being transported to Newcastle (Reel 6023; X820 pp.1-3)

1820 Mar 20

Thomas William Middleton to move into house occupied by Mr Wylde, when Mr Wylde's new residence was ready for occupation (Reel 6050; 4/1746 pp.230-1)

1820 Mar 27

Re precedency among the magistrates of the Colony (Reel 6049; 4/1744 pp.216-9)

1820 Mar 28

Re General Commission of the Magistracy (Reel 6007; 4/3501 pp.317-8)

1820 Apr 1

Re error in Commission appointing Magistrates (Reel 6007; 4/3501 p.325)

1820 Apr 12

Appointed to Special Committee of Male Orphan Institution to report on state of education in the colony (Reel 6040; 4/400 p.16 & 4/401 p.1)

1820 Apr 17

Governor Macquarie disapproving of measure adopted by court martial of Captain W N Watkins of referring certain legal difficulties to Judge Advocate General, and ordering court to reassemble (Reel 6049; 4/1744 pp.32-5, 41-3)

1820 Apr 19

Wylde permitted to graze cattle on Orphan School lands (Reel 6040; 4/403 pp.42-3)

1820 Apr 20

Re forwarding of Government & General Orders re rates of poundage and trespass (Reel 6007; 4/3502 p.1)

1820 Apr 22

Governor Macquarie acknowledging receipt of copy of proceedings of court martial presided over by Major Druitt (Reel 6050; 4/1746 pp.248-9)

1820 May 13

Re case of convict escapees per "General Gates" (Reel 6007; 4/3502 p.26)

1820 May 18-Nov 15

Attended meetings of Special Committee of the Orphan Schools (Reel 6040; 4/401 pp.4, 9, 11)

1820 Jun 13,14

Re enquiry into suspected prostitution on "Janus" (Reel 6007; 4/3502 pp.73, 75)

1820 Jun 15-Feb 19

Sitting on Court of Criminal Jurisdiction (Reel 6023; X820 pp.5-127)

1820 Jun 17,20,22

Re appointment of to Board of Enquiry into the affairs of the Commissariat; with instructions & terms of reference (Reel 6007; 4/3502 pp.85-96)

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