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Blaxland, John (Junior) (1822) to Blisset


1822 Apr 8

Referred to in letter re damage to corn by cattle (Reel 6017; 4/5783 p.56)

1822 Apr 15, May

On lists of persons indebted to the Crown for livestock issued from the Government Herds and Flocks (Reel 6052; 4/1753 pp.117, 119)

1822 Jul 12

Wishing to convert his Spanish dollars into Treasury Bills (Reel 6052; 4/1753 p.140)

1822 Jul 15

On list of applications for Treasury Bills in exchange for Spanish dollars (Reel 6054; 4/1757 p.49)

1822 Jul 20

Four cows received from Blaxland in payment for cattle issued on credit from Government herd (Reel 6033; X827 p.91)

1822 Aug

Signatory to petition objecting to the Commissariat's new system of paying for supplies in Spanish dollars (Reel 6017; 4/5783 p.124a)

1825 Oct

On list of persons liable to serve as jurors at Parramatta or Liverpool (Reel 6062; 4/1782 p.83a)

BLAXLAND, John de Marquet. Came free per "Clarkson", 1812; of Newington; eldest son of John Blaxland

1820 Sep 5

Chart of John Blaxland's farm and those adjoining (Reel 6049; 4/1746 p.5)

1821 Dec 18

Marked trees to Newcastle, known as the "Parson's Road" which runaways were using (Reel 6067; 4/1807 pp.253-6)


Re stock brands (Reel 6056; 4/1763 p.143)

1823 Jan 31

Seeking more land to cater for his greatly increasing flocks (Reel 6056; 4/1764 p.7)

1823 May 1

Memorial (Fiche 3060; 4/1834A No.24 pp.145-8). Reply, 13 May (Reel 6010; 4/3508 p.306)

1825 Oct 21

Memorial (Fiche 3120; 4/1840B No.60 pp.351-4)

1825 Nov 10,12

On list of persons who have received orders for grants of land (Fiche 3266, 9/2652 p.85); on list of lands granted and reserved by Sir Thomas Brisbane (Fiche 3269; 9/2740 p.4)


1822 Jul 8

Sorell sent an extract of his letter to Governor Brisbane (Reel 6009; 4/3506 p.32)


1822 Nov 16

Confirming that George Ross was very useful in apprehending the men who robbed Blaxland's cart, in support of Ross' petition for a ticket of leave (Fiche 3225; 4/1867 p.46a)


1823 Apr 14-May 8

Thomas McIntire convicted by Court of Criminal Jurisdiction of stealing from (Reel 6023; X820 p.95)


1824 Sep

On return of grain on hand in the Districts of Bringelly and Cooke (Reel 6061; 4/1780 p.258a)


1824 Sep 20

His servant, John Union, convicted of insolence (Reel 6023; 4/6671 p.50)

BLAXLAND, John. Of George Street; inmate

1825 Nov 1

On list of persons liable to serve as jurors in the district of Sydney (Reel 6062; 4/1782 p.110b)

BLAXLONE, William (Per "Mariner", 1816) see BLACKSTONE, William

BLAXON, William (Per "Mariner", 1816) see BLACKSTONE, William

BLAXTONE, William (Per "Mariner", 1816) see BLACKSTONE, William

BLAY, James (Junior)


In index to land grants in Van Diemen's Land (Fiche 3262; 4/438 p.13)


Re assignment of land in Van Diemen's Land (Fiche 3261; 4/433 p.68)

BLAY, James

1814 Jan 12

Convict's son. On list of passengers disembarked from the "Kangaroo" (Reel 6044; 4/1729 p.11)

BLAY, John

1814 Jan 12

Convict's son. On list of passengers disembarked from the "Kangaroo" (Reel 6044; 4/1729 p.11)

BLAY, Sarah

1814 Jan 12

Convict's wife, Derwent. On list of passengers disembarked from the "Kangaroo" (Reel 6044; 4/1729 p.10)

BLAY, William


In index to land grants in Van Diemen's Land (Fiche 3262; 4/438 p.8)

BLAY, William

1814 Jan 12

Convict's son. On list of passengers disembarked from the "Kangaroo" (Reel 6044; 4/1729 p.11)


1822 Aug 31

On return of proceedings of the Bench of Magistrates, Parramatta (Fiche 3297; X643 p.24)

BLAZEY, Thomas. Per "Malabar", 1819

1820 Apr 13

On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per "Elizabeth Henrietta" (Reel 6007; 4/3501 p.341)

BLEAKHAM, John (Per "Marquis of Wellington", 1815) see BLENHEIM, John

BLENHEIM, James (Per "Marquis of Wellington", 1815) see BLENHEIM, John


BLENHEIM, John. Per "Marquis of Wellington", 1815

1815 Feb 2

On list of convicts disembarked from the "Marquis of Wellington" and forwarded to Liverpool for distribution (Reel 6004; 4/3493 p.437)

1824 Dec 20

Servant to Thomas Smithers at Mudbury; listed as James Blenheim (Fiche 3111; 4/1839B No.915 p.845)

1825 Apr 7

Convict in the service of Thomas Smithers of Sydney at the last two musters; listed as Bleakham (Reel 6014; 4/3514 p.57)


1824 Jul 27

Runaway from Longbottom. On return of fines and punishments in the Police Office (Reel 6023; 4/6671 p.84)



Seven acres of land at Norfolk Island sold to by Thomas Gregory (Fiche 3267; 9/2731 p.75)


1814 Nov 12

Paid from Police Fund for firewood supplied to Watchhouses (Reel 6038; SZ758 p.555)

BLIGH, William (Commodore, R.N.)

Governor of New South Wales, 13 August 1806 until arrest 26 January 1808; in confinement in Sydney following Rum Rebellion, January 1808 to March 1809; at the Derwent, March 1809 to January 1810; returned to Sydney, January to May 1810; sailed for England 12 May 1810.

1805 May 21

Copy of instructions [watermark 1806] (Fiche 3312; 5/3822.6A pp.7-20)


On list of civil and military officers and details of his spirit ration under the first Class (Reel 6041; 4/1721 pp.63-4)

1806 Aug 10

On list of all grants and leases of land registered in the Colonial Secretary's Office (Fiche 3268; 9/2731 p.164)

1806 Aug 20

Governor King re history of occupation of Garden Island (Reel 6041; 4/1721 pp.8-12)

1806 Aug 21

Governor King recommending a reduction in the ration of grain (Reel 6041; 4/1721 pp.13-6)

1806 Aug 21

Re land grant for Messrs Short & Townsend; servants; health of family (Reel 6040; ML Safe 1/51 pp.77b-80)

1806 Aug 22

Governor King re Mr Cayley's journey of discovery (Reel 6041; 4/1721 pp.17-23)

1806 Aug 24

Mrs P G King introducing John Warby (Reel 6041; 4/1721 pp.25-6)

1806 Aug 25

Governor King recommending Acting Lieutenant Symmons (Reel 6041; 4/1721 pp.29-32)

1806 Aug 27

Governor King suggesting a list of things to send to Norfolk Island and the Derwent (Reel 6041; 4/1721 pp.33-4)

1806 Aug 28

Governor King re provisions needed for the "Buffulo" (Reel 6041; 4/1721 p.35)

1806 Sep 22

Simeon Lord seeking permission to trade with China (Reel 6041; 4/1721 pp.37-9)

1806 Nov 15

Governor King re registration of the "Commerce" (Reel 6041; 4/1721 pp.53-4)

1806 Nov 24

Ordering that Michael Robinson, convict from Norfolk Island, be sent on board "Buffalo" until Bligh's return to Sydney (Reel 6040; SZ997 pp.28-9)


Memo from Governor King to Bligh re the natives (Fiche 3312; 5/3822.6A pp.30-1)

1807 Jan 16

Re obtaining supplies of rice, sugar and liquor from the East Indies (Reel 6020; 4/1093.1 p.185)

1807 Feb 1

His conduct towards Captain Short dissuaded him from settling in New South Wales (Reel 6041; 4/1721 p.61)

1807 Mar 7

Address of T Hibbins, Judge Advocate of Norfolk Island, to Bligh on his appointment as Governor (Fiche 3312; 5/3822.6A pp.26-9)

1807 Mar 26-Dec 19

Farm owned by at the Hawkesbury: reports from Andrew Thompson and accounts of labour done and produce (Reel 6041; 4/1721 pp.190-225)

1808 Feb 13

Refused to receive copies of examinations of officers (Reel 6041; 4/1721 pp.357-8)

1808 Mar 7,8

Alleged abusive conduct towards Captain Short (Reel 6041; 4/1721 pp.331-2)

1808 Mar 25

Advising Lieutenant Colonel Johnston of persons he desired to accompany him to England (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.14b)

1808 Mar 27

Re provisions and accommodation on "Porpoise" (Reel 6041; 4/1721 p.370)

1808 Mar 29

Refused Lieutenant Symons any part of accommodation provided on "Porpoise" (Reel 6041; 4/1721 p.376)

1808 Jul-1809 Jan

Correspondence with Lieutenant Governor Foveaux re requests for reinstatement, complaints re treatment, retention of command of "Porpoise" (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.1a-54a)

1808 Jul 28

Request to Lieutenant Colonel Foveaux on board the "Sinclair" for a private communication (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.20b-21b)

1808 Jul 29

Requesting Lieutenant Governor Foveaux to reinstate him (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.21b-22b)

1808 Jul 29

Lieutenant Governor Foveaux giving reasons for non-compliance with his request for reinstatement (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.22b-23b)

1808 Aug 9

Advising Lieutenant Governor Paterson of circumstances of his deposal and calling upon him to suppress the mutiny (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.46a-47a)

1808 Sep 2-19

Correspondence between Lieutenant Governor Foveaux and Captain Kent concerning right of, to retain command of "Porpoise"; and forbidding Kent and other naval officers to communicate with him (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.29a-31a, 37a-42a)

1808 Sep 4

Lieutenant Governor Foveaux reporting to Lord Castlereagh his opinion of Bligh's conduct and arrest (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.1b-20b)

1808 Sep 14-17

Correspondence between Lieutenant Colonel Foveaux and Captain Bligh, and Foveaux to Captain Kent re his authority over H.M. ships, and determination to remain in the colony (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.31a-37a)

1808 Sep 17

To be prevented from communicating with or issuing orders to Captain Kent and "Porpoise" (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.35a-36a)

1808 Sep 29

Colonel Paterson refusing to accede to his request to interpose on his behalf and advising his immediate departure from the Colony (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.48a-51a)

1808 Oct 27-Dec 21

Refused to give up Government House at Sydney or to leave the Colony until instructions received from Home Authorities; intended to arrest Colonel Paterson on his return from Port Dalrymple to assume command (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.91b, 119b)

1808 Dec 10

Affidavit of A Riley re miscarriage of letter to (Reel 6041; 4/1722 pp.15-6)

1808 Dec 21

Threatened the peace of Colony; alleged intention to arrest Lieutenant Governor Paterson and detain him on "Porpoise" (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.1b)

1809 Jan 17-Feb 22

Copies of letters to Lieutenant Governor Paterson demanding return of personal property, official seal and papers; declaring no-one should leave the Colony until instructions received from England; refusing to relinquish position as Governor and Commander in Chief; referring to his removal to Sydney Barracks; stating his requirements for voyage to England (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.3b-5b, 7b-8b, 10b-12b, 16b, 24b-27b, 36b-37b)

1809 Jan 18-Mar 8

From Lieutenant Governor Paterson re arrangements made for his departure to England & disposal of papers seized at Government House, permitting his return to Government House from the Barracks (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.3b-5b, 7b-8b, 10b-12b, 16b, 24b-27b, 36b-37b)

1809 Jan 20,25

Directing Captain Porteous to place himself under his command, and expressing displeasure at his accepting Lieutenant Colonel Paterson's instructions (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.6b, 10b). Reply, 30 Jan (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.9b)

1809 Jan 30

From Lieutenant Colonel Johnston and Major Abbott conveying their instructions to remove him to a Barrack unless he releases Captain Porteous from restrictions which prevented his obeying Lieutenant Governor Paterson's orders (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.12b)

1809 Feb 4

Copy of Statement signed by Lieutenant Colonel Paterson and William Bligh, conveying terms of consent to Bligh's proceeding to England, and permission to return to Government House (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.14b-15b)

1809 Feb 4, Mar 19

Agreement with Lieutenant Governor Paterson to allow him to return to England per "Porpoise" and proclamation ordering compliance of persons in New South Wales (Reel 6037; SZ993 pp.7-12)

1809 Feb 22

Commissioned John Eyre to correct and copy surveys of Captain Flinders, Mr Collins, and Colonel Paterson (Reel 6041; 4/1722 p.43)

1809 Mar, Apr

Violated pledge to Lieutenant Colonel Paterson to return immediately to England, by proceeding to the Derwent and remaining there (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.53a-54a)

1809 Mar 23

Administration as New South Wales Government condemned; caused embarrassment to Lieutenant Governor Paterson, particularly in regard to his refusal to relinquish control of "Porpoise" and other vessels (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.4a-15a)

1809 May 22

Lieutenant Colonel Paterson to Lord Minto giving reasons for arrest of Bligh, and account of his subsequent conduct (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.64a-68a)

1810 Jan 1

Proclamation by Macquarie re reinstatement of Bligh prior to Macquarie taking office (Reel 6038, SZ1044 pp.151-2; Reel 6039, 4/426 pp.1-3)

1810 Jan 6

Macquarie announcing his arrival in Sydney (Reel 6003; 4/3490A pp.1-5)

1810 Jan 10

Copy of extracts from letters written by Foveaux in 1808-1809 giving an account of the events at the time of Bligh's arrest and its aftermath (Reel 6042; 9/2736 pp.18-27)

1810 Jan 24-30

Re request for the return to Bligh of his Commission, books, papers, arms and mathematical instruments taken from him at the time of his arrest (Reel 6042, 9/2736 pp.34-7, 41-3; Reel 6002, 4/3490B pp.44-45, 49-51, 55)

1810 Feb 9

Enclosing copies of letters to and from Colonel Paterson and Colonel Foveaux (Reel 6002; 4/3490B pp.72-3)

1810 Feb 22

Insisted that Robert Campbell accompany him to England (Reel 6002; 4/3490B p.98)

1810 Mar 5

Captain Porteous and Lieutenant Purches to sit as members of the ensuing Criminal Court (Reel 6042; 4/1723 p.213)

1810 Mar 9, Apr 13

Re Thomas Loach, his stockman (Reel 6002; 4/3490B pp.122, 183)

1810 Mar 27

Testimonial as to loyal and meritorious service of Sir J B Hayes (Reel 6042; 4/1723 p.229)

1810 Apr 18

Instructions to Ellis Bent, Judge Advocate, to supply Bligh with the papers he required that could be found (Reel 6002; 4/3490C p.4)

1810 Apr 21

Instructing Ellis Bent to record evidence of Brian Riley re release of McArthur in 1808 (Reel 6002; 4/3490C pp.6-7)

1810 Apr 25

Transmitting abstract of grants, leases and pardons surrendered (Reel 6002; 4/3490C p.13)

1810 May 9

Certificate re contract for erection of a house for the Overseer, Parramatta Factory (Reel 6042; 4/1723 pp.295-296a)

1810 May 11

To Captain Porteous re transfer of "Lady Nelson" to Colonial service (Reel 6002; 4/3490C p.28)

1812 Jan 28

Re his recommendation of pardon for Sir Henry Browne Hayes (Reel 6002; 4/3491 p.162)

1812 Sep 7

Re cattle received by John Blaxland under Bligh (Reel 6002; 4/3491 pp.325-6)

1815 Dec 4

Re resumption of land grant (Reel 6045; 4/1733 p.116)

1819 Jun 15,22

Re an illegal land grant made to him by King (Reel 6006; 4/3500 pp.148, 154)

1819 Aug 5

Cancellation of grant of land dated 10 Aug 1806 to Bligh in Parramatta (Reel 6038; SZ1044 pp.74-5)

1819 Nov 23

Certificate that Robert Campbell ordered to embark for England to give evidence of arrest of Governor Bligh (Reel 6048; 4/1743 p.145)

1823 Mar 26

Earl Bathurst to Brisbane stating that he is desirous of discountenancing the revival of any discussion re transactions that led to Bligh's arrest (Reel 6056; 4/1764 p.76)

1824 Aug 23

Was deprived of right to land at Parramatta which had been granted to him (Reel 6068; 4/1814 p.130)

BLIGHTON, William. Per "Mangles", 1820


Stockman to Jemima Jenkins (Fiche 3048; 4/1830 No.194)

1823 Sep 22

Re grazing run to be under his charge (Reel 6011; 4/3509 p.299)


1821 Sep 8

Shipwright. On list of all persons victualled from H.M. Magazines (Reel 6016; 4/5781 p.76)

1822 Jul 25

Workman on the "Isabella". Requesting permission to sleep out of Barracks (Reel 6053; 4/1756 p.140)



In index to land grants in Van Diemen's Land (Fiche 3262; 4/438 p.10)


1805 Dec 18

On list of all grants and leases of land registered in the Colonial Secretary's Office (Fiche 3268; 9/2731 p.154)


On list of persons owing quit rents in Van Diemen's Land; for land in the District of Argyle (Fiche 3270; X19 p.3)

1821 May 25

Indebted to the Government at Hobart (Reel 6054; 4/1757 p.64)



In index to land grants in Van Diemen's Land (Fiche 3262; 4/438 p.7)

1812 Nov 24

Re assignment of land in Van Diemen's Land (Fiche 3261; 4/433 p.31)


On list of persons who have had lands measured in Van Diemen's Land but have not received their grants (Reel 6048; 4/1742 p.296)

1819 Oct 21

Arrived from Van Diemen's Land per "Hibernia" on the prosecution of the King v Slater. On list of persons who have obtained passage to Van Diemen's Land per "Prince Leopold" on account of Government (Reel 6006; 4/3500 p.311)



On list of persons owing quit rents in Van Diemen's Land; for land in the District of York Plains (Fiche 3270; X19 p.4)

BLINMAN, Charles. Per "Indefatigable", 1815

1815 Apr 29

On list of prisoners disembarked from the "Indefatigable" and forwarded to Liverpool for distribution (Reel 6004; 4/3494 p.66)

1825 May 3

Re permission to marry at Sydney (Reel 6014; 4/3514 p.225)


1817 Mar 29

On nominal return of persons for whom passages are to be provided on "Kangaroo" for England (Reel 6005; 4/3496 p.101)

1817 Apr 3,8

List of passengers on "Kangaroo" (Reel 6046; 4/1737 pp.273, 282, 283)

BLISS, John. Per "Admiral Gambier", 1808

1814 Dec 7

On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per "Lady Nelson" (Reel 6004; 4/3493 p.391)

BLISSET, E. Corporal, Buffs

1823 Dec 20

To Sergeant Phillips re orders and the carrying of letters (Reel 6065; 4/1798 pp.380a-b)

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