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Jamison, R to Jefferson, J

JAMISON, Robert. Ensign, 102nd Regiment


On list of civil and military officers (Reel 6041; 4/1721 p.63)


Entitled to receive ration of 1/4 pipe of port wine and 24 dozen bottles under the third Class (Reel 6041; 4/1721 p.64)

1810 Feb 3

Memorial (Fiche 3005; 4/1821 No.158)

JAMISON, Robert. Master, "Haweis" and "Queen Charlotte"

1821 Oct 8

Re clearance of "Haweis"; appears as Jamieson (Reel 6052; 4/1751 pp.9-10)

1822 Feb 16

Master, "Haweis". Re certifying passage to Port Dalrymple (Reel 6054; 4/1759 p.150)

1825 Mar 27

Re clearance for "Queen Charlotte" (Reel 6063; 4/1785 p.181)

1825 Mar 28

Master, "Queen Charlotte". Re dispute concerning pilotage fees for "Queen Charlotte"; appears as Jameson (Reel 6017; 4/5782 pp.306-7, 314)

JAMISON, Sarah. Wife of Benjamin Jamison, per "Royal Admiral", 1800

1823 Nov 3

Of Western Road. Robbed by five men including William Hennesy and Wilson, who were convicted. Petition for mitigation of their sentences; as Jameson (Fiche 3237; 4/1870 p.101-101a)

1824 Jan 31, Feb 22

Wife of Benjamin Jameson. Petitions to be allowed to serve her sentence in Sydney Gaol (Fiche 3241; 4/1872 pp.62-63b). Reply, 26 Feb (Reel 6012; 4/3510 p.396)

1824 Jan 19-Feb 19

To be transported for 12 months. In reports of prisoners tried at Court of Criminal Jurisdiction (Reel 6023; X820 p.121)

JAMISON, Thomas. Came free per "Sirius", 1788

Father of Sir John Jamison; Assistant Surgeon, Norfolk Island, March 1788 to October 1799; Sydney, October 1799 to September 1800; visited England September 1800 to June 1802; Acting Surgeon-General from June 1802; Justice of the Peace from 1802; Magistrate and Naval Officer, 1808; merchant; landholder, Nepean River, George's River, South Creek; returned to England June 1809.

1800 Sep 24-1806 Jan 1

On list of all grants and leases of land registered in the Colonial Secretary's Office; also listed as Jamieson (Fiche 3267, 9/2731 p.118; Fiche 3268, 9/2731 pp.156, 160, 164)

1802 Jun 28, Jul 6

Staff surgeon. Would succeed to situation of Surgeon General on death or resignation of William Balmain (Reel 6037; SZ989 pp.75, 85)

1802 c.Oct

Signatory to petition of Michael Robinson for cancellation of sentence (Reel 6040; SZ997 p.30)

1802 Oct 11

Acting as a Justice of the Peace for the Colony (Reel 6037; SZ990 p.30)

1802 Oct 16

Appointed to act as a Magistrate (Reel 6037; SZ990 p.34)

1803 Feb 28

Commanded to attend a meeting with Governor King (Reel 6037; SZ990 p.99)

1805 Jul 13

Re transportation of Michael Robinson, Henry Brown Hayes and Maurice Margarot (Reel 6040; SZ997 p.17)

1805 Sep 30; 1809 Mar 6

On list of all grants and leases of town allotments registered in the Colonial Secretary's Office (Fiche 3268; 9/2731 pp.208, 216)


On list of civil and military officers (Reel 6041; 4/1721 p.63)

1806 Aug 13

Acted as magistrate for County of Cumberland (Reel 6041; 4/1721 p.6)


Claims against N.S.W. Commissariat (Reel 6041; 4/1722 p.48)

1808 Jan 27

Signatory to letter to Major George Johnston expressing support for his seizure of command of the Colony and recommending that he ensure that measures adopted for public security be confirmed by his successor (Reel 6041; 4/1721 p.336)

1808 Sep 1

Certifying as to medical qualifications of William Redfern (Reel 6001; SZ760 p.55b)

1808 Dec 28

Re surrender of land by Thomas Bigger (Fiche 3309; 4/7186.1 pp.4-6)


Signed return of spirits landed and distributed in New South Wales (Reel 6001; SZ760 p.135b)

1809 Feb, Mar

Produce received from at the Hawkesbury Stores (Reel 6040; 9/2673 pp.7, 14, 25)

1809 Feb 3

Required by Lieutenant Colonel Johnston to give evidence in England re suspension of Governor Bligh (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.13b)

1809 Jul 10,14,26

Asked to refund money withdrawn by him from Orphan Fund, when Treasurer, for purchase of land at the Hawkesbury; inability of his agent, C Throsby to find requisite amount (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.53b-54b)

1810 Jan 3

Former naval officer; returned to England; replaced by Nicholas Bayley. On list of persons holding civil and military employment at Sydney and settlements adjacent (Fiche 3300; 2/8332 p.1)

1810 Jan 12

Re the appointment of William Bohan to the Female Orphan School in his place (Reel 6042; 9/2736 p.31)

JAMISON, Thomas. Born in the Colony

1824 May 26

Of Regentville. Memorial (Fiche 3095; 4/1838A No.508). Reply, 5 Jun (Reel 6013; 4/3511 p.395)


1822 Jul 29

On list of persons receiving convict; listed as Jamieson (Fiche 3290; 4/4570D p.44)

1822 Jul 29

Convict landed from "Asia" assigned to at Liverpool (Reel 6009; 4/3506 p.96)

JAMISON, William. Of Cabramatta

1824 Oct 29; 1825 Aug

On lists of persons liable to serve as jurors in the district of Liverpool; also appears as Jeamison (Reel 6060, 4/1775 p.180[i]; Reel 6062, 4/1782 pp.78)

JAMOTT, William (Per "Indefatigable", 1812) see JEMOTT, William

JANCOCK, George (Per "Eliza", 1822) see JOHNCOCK, George


1821 Oct 22

Prisoners arrived from Hobart to be received into Sydney Gaol (Reel 6008; 4/3504 pp.425-6)

1821 Nov 7

Assent of captain of to request of eleven seamen to leave ship at Sydney (Reel 6052; 4/1751 pp.5-6)

1821 Nov 13

Seamen permitted to be discharged from (Reel 6008; 4/3504A p.74)

"JANE", Master of see SUTHERLAND, George


1821 Sep 8

Employed at Pennant Hills. On list of all persons victualled from H.M. Magazines (Reel 6016; 4/5781 p.89)

JANNI, Antonio. Per "Guildford", 1812

1821 Oct 22

Prisoner arrived from Hobart per "Jane" to be received into Sydney Gaol; listed as Jennie (Reel 6008; 4/3504 pp.425-6)

1821 Nov 1

On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per "Sally" (Reel 6008; 4/3504A p.21)

1823 Sep 15

On list of convicts removed from Newcastle to Port Macquarie per "Mermaid" (Reel 6019; 4/3864 pp.422-3)

J'ANSON, William. Surgeon at Hobart; died 1811


Entitled to receive ration of 1/2 pipe of port wine and 24 dozen bottles under the second Class (Reel 6041; 4/1721 p.64)

1810 Jan 3

On list of persons holding civil and military employment at Sydney and settlements adjacent, as Surgeon at Hobart (Fiche 3300; 2/8332 p.3)

1810 Oct 10

Re land grant at the Derwent (Reel 6003; 4/3490A p.120)


In index to land grants in Van Diemen's Land; listed as Anson, William J (Fiche 3262; 4/438 p.1)

1811 Oct 6

Witness to will of Mathew Bowden (Fiche 3261; 4/433 pp.78-9)

1812 Feb 1

Assistant Surgeon Matthew Bowden appointed as Surgeon at Hobart in place of J'Anson, deceased (Reel 6038; SZ758 p.276)

1812 Mar 31

Deceased. Re assignment of land in Van Diemen's Land (Fiche 3261; 4/433 p.26)


On list of persons owing quit rents in Van Diemen's Land; for land in the District of Forbes (Fiche 3270; X19 p.13)

"JANUS". Convict transport

1819 Oct 23

List of stores shipped on board for use of convicts and passengers (Reel 6022; 4/7015.3 pp.18-25)

1820 May 16

List of 68 female convicts transhipped from the "Janus" to the "Princess Charlotte" and forwarded to Hobart and Port Dalrymple (Reel 6007; 4/3502 pp.37-8)

1820 Jun 10

Request by captain of for 36 gallons of rum to replace amount allowed from the ship's stores for the surgeon and passengers (Reel 6050; 4/1747 pp.66-7)

"JANUS", Master of see MOWAT, Thomas J



1821 Feb 14

Petition for Mary Clarkson to be admitted to the Female Orphan Institution (Reel 6040; 4/403 p.57)


1822 Mar 12

On list of prisoners committed for trial at the Court of Criminal Jurisdiction at Sydney on 25 Feb 1822 recommended to be discharged on the accession of Sir Thomas Brisbane; committed from Parramatta (Reel 6016; 4/5781 p.216)

1822 Mar 13

Prisoner. To be released on recommendation of the Judge Advocate (Reel 6054; 4/1757 p.123)


1815 Mar 31-Apr 3

Juror at inquest on Frederic Morris held at Sydney (Reel 6021; 4/1819 p.467)


1817 Apr 12

Notice to John Thomas Campbell & any it may concern, not to deliver registry papers of certain sloop to Robert Thompson, but to retain them until John Jaques made legal application for them (Reel 6047; 4/1739 p.188)

1817 Jun 6

Petition against detention of "Ann and Maria" by Jaques made by Robert Thompson (Reel 6047; 4/1739 pp.209-10)


1818 Dec 26

Signature as witness to will (Reel 6047; 4/1741 pp.349-51)


1819 Oct 30

Witness on behalf of R L Murray in charge of abduction (Reel 6048; 4/1743 pp.61-4)


1820 May 26

Appointed to position of constable (Reel 6050; 4/1747 pp.36-7)


1820 Sep 18

On list of persons for whom grants of land have been handed over to the Surveyor General for delivery (Fiche 3266; 9/2652 p.58)

JAQUES, Margaret

1821 Jan 10

Petition submitted to Male Orphan Institution on behalf of William Philip Jaques (Reel 6040; 4/400 p.26)

JAQUES, Thomas. Per "General Stuart", 1818

1821 Aug 9

On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per "Elizabeth Henrietta" (Reel 6008; 4/3504 p.212)


On list of convicts at Port Macquarie; alias John (Reel 6019; 4/3864 pp.482-3)

1824 Mar 1

On monthly return of convicts assigned in the Counties of Northumberland and Durham; to T W Winder (Reel 6028; 2/8283 p.79)

1824 Apr

On monthly return of prisoners punished at Newcastle (Reel 6023; 4/1718 p.181)

JAQUES, William Philip

1821 Jan 10

Petition submitted to Male Orphan Institution on his behalf by Margaret Jaques (Reel 6040; 4/400 p.26)

1821 Feb 20

Admitted to the Male Orphan School; Margaret Wilson his parent/guardian (Fiche 3307; 4/7208 pp.5-6)

JARMAN, Samuel. Per "Hebe", 1820

1821 Sep 8

Employed at Pennant Hills. On list of all persons victualled from H.M. Magazines (Reel 6016; 4/5781 p.89)

1821 Dec
3-1822 Jan 31

On list of sawyers' bills; listed as German (Reel 6054; 4/1759 p.116)


Sawyer. Runaway from Wellington Valley; listed as Germain (Reel 6069; 4/1818 p.213a)

1825 Oct 14

Runaway from the Wellington Valley; listed as German (Reel 6069; 4/1818 p.449)

JARRETT, William

1812 Dec 16

Deposition re murder of a lascar, Doumoan, formerly of crew of "Mercury" (Reel 6043; 4/1728 pp.206-8)

JARRETT, William. Per "Sir William Bensley", 1817

1817 Mar 21

On list of convicts disembarked from the "Sir William Bensley" and forwarded to Bringelly for distribution (Reel 6005; 4/3496 p.78)

1823 May 10

Re absence from employment (Reel 6010; 4/3508 p.278)

1823 May 16

Re pass issued to (Reel 6058; 4/1769 p.19)

JARVIES, William

1821 Sep 8

Sawyer. On list of all persons victualled from H.M. Magazines (Reel 6016; 4/5781 p.76)


JARVIS, Elizabeth. Wife of James Jarvis

1822 Jul 10

Servant at Male Orphan Institution. Behaviour disgraceful and ordered to Female Factory (Reel 6040; 4/400 p.43)

JARVIS, Hannah. Per "Friendship", 1818

1818 Jan 14

On list of persons on board "Friendship" (Reel 6047; 4/1740 p.64)

1818 Jan 30

On list of prisoners embarked on "Duke of Wellington" for the Derwent (Reel 6006; 4/3498 p.37)

1822 Jul 31

Evidence. Passage ordered on "Elizabeth Henrietta" to Van Diemen's Land; with daughter (Reel 6009; 4/3506 p.112)

JARVIS, James. Per "Speke", 1821

1822 Jul 10

Baker; husband of Elizabeth Jarvis; servant at Male Orphan Institution. Behaviour disgraceful and ordered to Emu Plains (Reel 6040; 4/400 p.43)

1824 Dec 21

On list of prisoners proceeding to Hobart per "Deveron" in the service of Mr Murdoch (Reel 6019; 4/3522 p.113)


Recommended for conditional pardon; approved by Governor Brisbane. Appears as Jervis (Fiche 3292; 4/6974.1 pp.56, 58)

1825 Nov 23

Re transmission of his conditional pardon to the Governor for approval (Reel 6016; 4/3516 pp.32-3)

JARVIS, Jean alias MCWILLIAMS. Per "Mary Anne", 1822

1822 Jun 5

On list of convicts disembarked at Hobart from the "Mary Anne" (Reel 6009; 4/3505 p.386)

JARVIS, Joseph. Per "Ganges", 1797

1814 Jun 30

Of Parramatta. On list of persons to receive grants of land in 1814 (Fiche 3266; 9/2652 p.18)

JARVIS, Thomas. Per "Marquis of Wellington", 1815

1815 Feb 2

On list of convicts disembarked from the "Marquis of Wellington" and forwarded to Parramatta for distribution (Reel 6004; 4/3493 p.436)

JASPER, Thomas

1824 Aug 5

On return of fines and punishments in the Police Office (Reel 6023; 4/6671 p.84)

JASPER, Thomas. Per "Hadlow", 1818

1821 Oct 16

On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per "Elizabeth Henrietta" (Reel 6008; 4/3504 p.408)

1824 c.Apr, Oct 8

Jeweller. Assigned convict mechanic whose master was a defaulter in payment for (Reel 6061; 4/1778 p.265f; Fiche 3293, 5/3821.1 p.5)

JASPER, William. Per "Grenada", 1819

1819 Oct 30

On list of convicts disembarked from the "Grenada" and forwarded to Emu Plains for distribution (Reel 6007; 4/3501 p.3)

1820 Jul 17

Government labourer at Emu Plains (Reel 6049; 4/1745 p.185)

1825 Oct 26

Servant of Thomas Leeson of Wilberforce; attestation as to his character for a ticket of leave (Reel 6027; 4/1717.2 pp.132-3)


1812 Dec 14,24

Received nails from H.M. Tool Store, Hobart (Reel 6044; 4/1729 p.333)

JAUNCEY, Thomas. Per "Countess of Harcourt", 1824

1824 Jul 17

On list of convicts landed from the "Countess of Harcourt" and forwarded to Bathurst for distribution (Reel 6013; 4/3511 p.653)

1824 Aug 27

On list of prisoners lately received at Bathurst (Reel 6028; 2/8283 p.108)

1825 Jan 31

On lists of prisoners discharged from Bathurst during Jan 1825 (Fiche 3300; 4/1916.1 pp.3-4, 7-8)

JAYNES, William. Per "Indefatigable", 1815

1819 Nov 29

Petition for mitigation of sentence (Fiche 3196; 4/1858 p.178)

1824 c.Jul

Of Parramatta. On account of rents received for assigned convict tradesmen for the three quarters ending 30 Jun 1824 (Reel 6061; 4/1779 p.173c)

JEAKMAN, William (Per "Lady Castlereagh", 1818) see JAKEMAN, William

JEAMISON, William (Of Cabramatta) see JAMISON, William


1815 Jul 24

Bond to the Naval Officer (Fiche 3284; X702 pp.115-8)

"JEAN", Owner of see MILLS, James


1818 Aug 3

Petition for mitigation of sentence (Fiche 3187; 4/1855 pp.147, 147b)

JEBB. Captain, 40th Regiment

1824 Oct 1

On list of persons receiving an assigned convict (Fiche 3290; 4/4570D p.14)

JEBSON, Stephen

1825 May

On return of the sick of a detachment of the 3rd Regiment stationed at Fort Dundas, Melville Island, from 1 Nov 1824 to 30 Apr 1825 (Reel 6066; 4/1802 p.63)

JEE, Henry (Per "Hadlow", 1818) see GEE, Henry

JEFFEREYS, Charles (Lieutenant) see JEFFERYS, Charles



1794 Feb 20

On list of all grants and leases of land registered in the Colonial Secretary's Office (Fiche 3267; 9/2731 p.18)

JEFFERIES, John (Per "Adamant", 1821) see JEFFRIES, John


JEFFERSON, John (Revd)

1802 Mar 26

Of Otaheite. Copy of the protest of the Commander and crew of "Norfolk" re the loss of said vessel (Reel 6041; 4/1719 pp.109-12)

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