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Paterson, William (Lieutenant Colonel) (Aug 1808) to Patrick

1808 Sep 29

Refusing Bligh's request to interpose on his behalf and advising him to leave the Colony immediately (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.48a-51a)

1808 Sep 29

Commending Lieutenant Governor Foveaux for his handling of difficult position as temporary administrator in New South Wales, and arranging for own return to Colony (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.79b-85b)

1808 Oct 18

Requesting Captain Bligh to move to Government House, Parramatta, if he is not going to England (Reel 6001; SZ760 p.44a)

1808 Oct 27-1809 Jan 16

Lieutenant Governor Foveaux referring to his return to Sydney; Captain Bligh's orders for his arrest on arrival; transfer of military and remaining settlers from Norfolk Island (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.91b-94b, 119b-121b, 125b-126b)

1808 Nov 21-1809 Apr 14

Lieutenant Colonel Collins concerning his administration of the settlement at the Derwent (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.55a-60a)

1808 Dec 10

Affidavit of Alexander Riley re miscarriage of letter from Paterson to Bligh (Reel 6041; 4/1722 pp.15-6)

1808 Dec 21-1809 Nov 6

Letter book containing copies of letters to & from Lieutenant Governor Paterson (Reel 6001; SZ757)

1808 Dec 21; 1809 Jan 2

Lieutenant Governor Foveaux stating measures taken to ensure his safe landing in Sydney & counteract Captain Bligh's designs; referring to embarrassments of own five months' administration of Colony, & instructions received in England; asking for leave to return to England (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.1b-3b)

1809 Jan 10-Feb 24

J Palmer refusing to adjust claims on Commissariat Department prior to date of his suspension until receipt of instructions from England; & asking leave to go to England in "Porpoise" (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.17b, 19b, 24b-25b, 27b-29b)

1809 Jan 17-Feb 22

Captain Bligh demanding return of personal property, official papers, etc; declaring that no-one should leave Colony until instructions received from England; refusing to relinquish authority; referring to his removal to Sydney Barracks; stating requirements for voyage to England (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.3b-5b, 7b-8b, 10b-12b, 16b, 24b, 26b)

1809 Jan 18-Mar 8

To Captain Bligh refusing to interfere with any of Lieutenant Colonel Johnston's measures; conveying decision for his return to England & arrangements made; permitting his return to Government House until departure; sending list of papers being retained by Government & arranging for delivery of remainder to him (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.3b-5b, 7b-8b, 10b-12b, 16b, 24b-27b, 36b-37b)

1809 Jan 19, Mar 1

R Fitz supplying information concerning quantities of grain, salt meat, & other articles, required for use of New South Wales and Settlements for year 1809 (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.27a-34a)

1809 Jan 19-Mar 8

Acting Commissary R Fitz re supplies for New South Wales Commissariat, claims on J Palmer, and problems associated with the Government Stores (Reel 6041; 4/1722 pp.21-38, 46)

1809 Jan 21-Mar 17

To Lieutenant Colonel Johnston concerning his proposed voyage to England to justify the arrest of Governor Bligh, persons to accompany him, & disposal of papers seized at Government House (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.4b, 18b-20b, 22b, 24b, 29b-32b, 39b)

1809 Jan 23-Mar 8

Lieutenant Colonel Johnston concerning disposal of papers and arms seized at Government at time of Captain Bligh's arrest, & discussing arrangements for his passage to England & persons to accompany him as witnesses (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.5b, 13b, 19b-21b, 23b, 25b, 29b-31b, 33b-34b, 38b)

1809 Jan 24,27,30

Instructing Captain J Porteous to proceed to Norfolk Island in the "Porpoise" to evacuate inhabitants; referring to Captain Bligh's attempt to retain control of navy (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.5b, 7b, 9b)

1809 Jan 25-30

Captain J Porteous referring to conflicting orders received: considered himself bound to obey Captain Bligh as his superior naval officer, ultimately submitting to Paterson's authority (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.6b, 7b, 9b)

1809 Feb 2

Instructing Lieutenant Colonel Johnston to embark on the "Admiral Gambier" for England in 14 days and asking for names of persons he required to take to England as witnesses (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.11b)

1809 Feb 4

Copy of statement signed by Paterson & Bligh, conveying terms of consent to Bligh's proceeding to England on "Porpoise", & permission to return to Government House (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.14b-15b)

1809 Feb 4-Mar 19

Agreement with Bligh to allow him to return to England per "Porpoise" and proclamation ordering compliance of persons in New South Wales (Reel 6037; SZ993 pp.7-12)

1809 Feb 7

Advising J Palmer of his consent to Lieutenant Colonel Johnston's application for Palmer to accompany him to England (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.17b)

1809 Feb 7-Mar 25

Strained relations with Lieutenant Colonel Johnston concerning treatment of Captain Bligh and sending of witnesses to England (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.18b-22b, 25b, 29b, 34b, 38b-39b)

1809 Feb 10

Instructing John Jamieson to issue 33 cows to William Broughton in lieu of stock left at Norfolk Island (Fiche 3002; 4/1821 No.38B p.5)

1809 Feb 13

Copy of notification to persons accompanying Lieutenant Colonel Johnston to England in connection with suspension of Governor Bligh (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.20b-21b)

1809 Feb 17

Agreement with E Harrison, master of the "Admiral Gambier", for supply of rice and sugar, and granting permission to import a certain quantity of spirits (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.25a-26a)

1809 Feb 18,20

Captain Brabyn reporting on matters at Port Dalrymple Settlement (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.46a-49a)

1809 Feb 20

Returned to Sydney from Van Diemen's Land & assumed Government of the Colony on 9 Jan 1809 (Reel 6001; SZ760 pp.106b-107b)

1809 Mar-Nov

Instructions to various officials and other persons, conveyed in letters from J Finucane, Secretary (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.39a-44a, 40b-46b, 49b-55b, 57b-64b, 62a, 64a, 72a, 74a-75a)

1809 Mar 8

Returns of salt provisions in store (Reel 6040; ML Safe 1/51 pp.155-6)

1809 Mar 8

To Campbell & Company giving reasons for likely disapproval of Home Authorities, and own objections to contract made with them by Lieutenant Colonel Collins for supply of Bengal cattle to the Derwent (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.2a)

1809 Mar 12-Nov 7

Copies of his despatches to Lord Castlereagh (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.1a, 3a-24a, 37a-39a, 53a-54a, 71a-72a, 76a-83a)

1809 Mar 18

To Viscount Strangford seeking his assistance in procuring conveyance for Lieutenant Colonel Johnston and party from Rio de Janeiro to England (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.34a)

1809 Mar 19

To Sir James Gambier asking him to afford Captain Harrison every necessary assistance in speedily procuring a supply of rice from Rio de Janeiro for New South Wales (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.35a)

1809 Mar 22

Robert Campbell asking his permission to visit his partner, Charles Hook, in gaol (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.40b)

1809 Mar 26

To Commissioners of H.M. Navy giving reasons for his inability to comply with their request to recover a sum of money from a C Bishop (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.1a)

1809 Mar 26,27, Apr 20

Dr R Townson referring to lawsuits which he desired to end, and to the Lieutenant Governor's promise to consider his position as a settler (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.42b-44b, 46b)

1809 Mar 28

Copy of memorandum extending contract with Captain Harrison of the "Admiral Gambier", for 28 days in consideration of his delaying the departure of his ship to enable the embarkation of Lieutenant Colonel Johnston and other officers (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.27a)

1809 Mar 30-Oct 1

To Lieutenant Colonel Collins referring to supplies sent to the Derwent & giving instructions in regard to matters of administration (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.36a, 43a-45a, 52a-54a, 60a-61a, 73a)

1809 Mar 30

Thomas Moore requesting him to order a survey of the ship "Pegasus", for insurance purposes (Reel 6041, 4/1722 p.70; Reel 6001, SZ757 p.41b)

1809 Apr 1

Campbell & Company sending affidavit and invoice as confirmation of their denial of allegation that the "Hunter" carried a consignment of spirits (Reel 6041; 4/1722 p.81)

1809 Apr 2

Lieutenant Lawson sending coal, lime, and oars from Newcastle settlement and asking for supply of bricks and other articles (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.51a)

1809 Apr 15

Sought opinion of Judge Advocate Atkins as to his authority to decide appeals or to interfere in causes which occurred previous to his assuming command of the Colony (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.45b). Reply, 21 Apr (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.47b)

1809 Apr 19-20

Campbell & Company concerning detention of the ship "Hunter" and order that cargo be unloaded at the Hospital Wharf instead of at their private wharf (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.47b-49b)

1809 Apr 20

Re right of to hear and determine appeals (Reel 6040; ML Safe 1/51, p.151)

1809 Apr 23

Captain Kemp forwarding depositions respecting conduct of Dr Lutrell and suggesting a medical enquiry (Reel 6001; SZ757 p.50b)

1809 May 22, Jul 9

To Lord Minto giving reasons for arrest of Captain Bligh & commenting on his subsequent conduct; explaining his own delay of ten months in taking up command of New South Wales; and referring to contract for importation of wheat & spirits from Bengal (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.64a-70a)

1809 Jun

Instructing Captain Piper re removal of military and settlers from Norfolk Island; presentation of bills to H.M. Treasury, etc (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.62a-63a)

1809 Jul 29

G Blaxcell making strong representation in connection with Lieutenant Governor Paterson's action in ordering the release, before trial, of a man who had been imprisoned for stealing his property (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.55b-56b)

1809 Aug 5

Henry Kable offering to advance for provision of seed corn to Hawkesbury settlers provided Government would take into Stores about 20,000 bushels at 5/- a bushel (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.57b-58b)

1809 Nov 6

Recommending to the notice of the Earl of Caledon Captain Thompson of the "Boyd", who was to act as agent for S Lord in contract to supply timber and coal to the Cape of Good Hope in return for wine (Reel 6001; SZ757 pp.83a-84a)

1809 Dec 28

Acknowledging Governor Macquarie's note; state of health prevented his waiting on Governor on board "Dromedary" (Reel 6041, 4/1722 p.96; Reel 6042, 9/2736 p.1)

1809 Dec 28,30

Re arrival of Macquarie (Reel 6040; ML Safe 1/51 pp.163b-164)

1809 Dec 30

Re the issue of orders to the troops in readiness for the Governor's landing (Reel 6040, ML Safe 1/51 p.159; Reel 6042, 9/2736 p.1)

1810 Jan 1

To have the same compliments as a Brigadier General (Reel 6039; 4/426 p.8)

1810 Jan 3

On list of persons holding civil and military employment at Sydney and settlements adjacent (Fiche 3300; 2/8332 pp.2,3)

1810 Jan 8

G W Evans requesting reappointment as surveyor having been previously appointed by Paterson (Reel 6042; 9/2736 p.12)

1810 Jan 10

Re the use of brig "Lady Nelson" (Reel 6042; 9/2736 p.14)

1810 Jan 10

Copy of extracts from letters written by Foveaux in 1808-1809 giving an account of the events at the time of Bligh's arrest and its aftermath (Reel 6042; 9/2736 pp.18-27)

1810 Jan 14

Governor Macquarie requesting all charts, maps & surveys of the Colony; & enclosing copy of Government After Orders of 13 Jan re closure of Public Accounts up to 31 Dec 1809 (Reel 6002, 4/3490B pp.27-29; Reel 6040, ML Safe 1/51 pp.165-6)

1810 Jan 18

Re arrival per "Experiment" of wheat sent from India under the contract with Mr Burton following the floods of 1809 (Reel 6042; 9/2736 p.40)

1810 Jan 24-30

Re location of & return to Bligh of his papers, books and weapons confiscated after his arrest (Reel 6002, 4/3490B pp.45-6, 48-9, 55; Reel 6042, 9/2736 pp.34-7, 41-3 & 4/1723 pp.126-8, 176-8)

1810 Jan 27

Foveaux to Macquarie re irregularities during the period in which Paterson assumed command of the 102nd Regiment, and his subsequent action (Reel 6042; 9/2736 p.56)

1810 Feb 20

Secretary Campbell lending him his Letter Book (Reel 6002; 4/3490B p.89)

1810 Feb 24

Re recovery of two enclosures to despatches required by Bligh (Reel 6002; 4/3490B p.100)

1810 Apr 18

Re voucher for charter party for "Admiral Gambier", 1809 (Reel 6002; 4/3490C p.4)

1810 Apr 26

Refusing to renew grant made by Paterson to Captain Porteous of the "Porpoise" (Reel 6002; 4/3490C p.15)

1816 May 10

Re grant of land to J C Burton, claimed to have been made by the late Lieutenant Colonel Paterson (Reel 6018; 4/3521 p.66)

PATERSON, William. Of the Derwent

1810 Oct 10

Soliciting additional aid from the Government (Reel 6003; 4/3490A p.120)


In index to land grants in Van Diemen's Land [1813] (Fiche 3262; 4/438 p.70)


On list of persons owing quit rents in Van Diemen's Land; for land in the District of Argyle (Fiche 3270; X19 p.20)


1820 Oct 11

Juror at inquest on David Douglas held at Sydney (Reel 6021; 4/1819 pp.185-6)


1824 Dec 23

On return of fines and punishments in the Police Office (Reel 6023; 4/6671 p.104)

PATFIELD, Eliza see also BALDING, Eliza


1821 Oct 17

Investigation re clothing made up as foreign orders at Female Orphan Institution (Reel 6040; 4/403 p.77)

1822 Jul 9

Re permission to marry at Parramatta; listed as Paddle (Reel 6009; 4/3506 p.11)

PATFIELD, Elizabeth see SMALL, Elizabeth (Wife of John Small)

PATFIELD, George. Born in the Colony; son of George Patfield, per "Neptune", 1790

1809 Oct 13

Age 12. Evidence at inquest on his father George (Reel 6021; 4/1819 pp.509-10)

1816 Jan 16

Of Sydney. On list of persons to receive grants of land in 1816 (Fiche 3266; 9/2652 p.25)

1818 Sep 10

Of Kissing Point. On list of persons to receive grants of land in 1818 (Fiche 3266; 9/2652 p.46)

1821 Oct 17

Investigation re clothing made up as foreign order at the Female Orphan Institution (Reel 6040; 4/403 p.77)

PATFIELD, George. Per "Neptune", 1790

1798 Apr 10

On list of all grants and leases of land registered in the Colonial Secretary's Office (Fiche 3267; 9/2731 p.98)

1802 Apr 10

Particulars of arms in possession of (Reel 6041; 4/1719 p.89)

1809 Oct 13

Inquest on body of (Reel 6021; 4/1819 pp.503-14)

PATFIELD, John. Born in the Colony

1820 Jun 1

Of Kissing Point. Memorial (Fiche 3028; 4/1825A No.594 pp.311-4)

PATFIELD, Mary. Wife of George Patfield, per "Neptune", 1790

1809 Oct 13

Evidence at husband's inquest (Reel 6021; 4/1819 pp.507-11)


1822 Jul 1

Re permission to marry at Sydney (Reel 6009; 4/3506 p.10)


1821 Oct 17

Investigation re clothing made at Female Orphan Institution and distributed without payment; punished (Reel 6040; 4/403 p.77)

1821 Nov 14

Dismissed from the Female Orphan School (Reel 6040; 4/403 p.79)

PATHER, Henry (Per "Hercules", 1825) see PETHERS, Henry

PATILLOW, Peter (Per "Ganges", 1797) see PATULLO, Peter

PATISHO, Felix (Per "Indian", 1810) see PATSHAW, Felix


PATON, David. Arrived c.1822; of Glendarual

1824 Aug 10-16

Memorial (Fiche 3104; 4/1838B No.745 pp.1299-1310). Reply, 10 Sep (Reel 6013; 4/3512 p.355)

PATON, John. Per "Lord Eldon", 1817

1821 Nov 27

Servant to Captain John Piper. Petition for mitigation of sentence; as Patton (Fiche 3210; 4/1863 p.43)

PATON, William


In index to land grants in Van Diemen's Land; also appears as Patton (Fiche 3262; 4/438 pp.72, 74)

PATON, William. Ship's carpenter, "Christiana"

1823 Feb 18

Applied for discharge from the "Christiana"; appears as Patton (Reel 6058; 4/1770 p.105). Granted, 18 Feb (Reel 6010; 4/3507 p.344)

PATON, William. Per "Canada", 1815

1818 Dec 1

Servant to Daniel Bready of district of Airds. Petition for mitigation of sentence; as Payton (Fiche 3189; 4/1856 p.210)


Applying for emancipation; appears as per "Grenada" (Fiche 3292, 4/6974.1 p.69; Fiche 3244, 4/1873 pp.1-8)

1825 Aug 6

Petition for conditional pardon (Fiche 3251; 4/1875 p.179)

1825 Oct 6

Instruments for the emancipation of forwarded to Governor Brisbane; appears as per "Grenada" (Reel 6015; 4/3515 p.389)



Re payment of spirit licence fee for twelve months at Campbelltown, dated 19 Feb 1823 (Reel 6060; 4/1777 p.248)

PATRICK, Elizabeth (Per "Friendship", 1818) see also ELLIS, Eliza

PATRICK, Elizabeth. Per "Friendship", 1818; wife of Charles Ellis, per "Dromedary", 1820

1818 Jan 14

On list of female convicts on board the "Friendship" (Reel 6047; 4/1740 p.63)

1821 Dec 3,6

Re permission to marry at Sydney; appears as Eliza Fitzpatrick (Reel 6008; 4/3504A p.128)

1822 May 11

Servant to Simeon Lord. Petition of Charles Ellis for Elizabeth Patrick to be removed from Lord's employ (Fiche 3216; 4/1865 p.40)

PATRICK, John Richard

1809 Feb

Produce received from at the Hawkesbury Stores (Reel 6040; 9/2673 p.7)


1809 May

Produce received from at the Hawkesbury Stores (Reel 6040; 9/2673 p.41)

1810 Jul 6

Supplied H.M. Stores at Hawkesbury with meat (Reel 6042; 4/1725 p.304)

1811 Feb 16,25

Purchased goods at auctions by John Howe at Windsor (Reel 6040; ML C197 pp.14, 19)

PATRICK, John. Per "Pitt", 1792

1810 Jan

Memorial (Fiche 3008; 4/1822 No.255)

1813 Jul 1

Subscribed to fund for building a court house at Sydney (Reel 6043; 4/1728 p.135)

1816 Jun 22

On lists of persons to be issued with horned cattle from the Government Herds (Reel 6038, SZ759 p.213; Reel 6031, 4/7028A p.33)

1816 Jul 20

On return of horned cattle issued from the Government Herds between 8 May 1814 and 9 Jan 1819 (Reel 6048; 4/1742 p.57)

1819 Apr 30

Of Liverpool. On return of persons indebted to Government for cattle issued from the Government Herds, to be paid for in cash or grain (Reel 6048; 4/1742 p.254)


Recommending that favourable consideration be given to Samuel Franklin's petition for mitigation of sentence (Fiche 3217; 4/1865 p.70a)

1822 Apr 15, May

On list of persons indebted to the Crown for livestock issued from the Government Herds & Flocks (Reel 6052; 4/1753 pp.118a, 119)

1822 Aug

Of Liverpool. Signatory to petition objecting to the Commissariat's new system of paying for supplies in Spanish dollars (Reel 6017; 4/5783 p.124b)

1822 Aug 24

Signatory to letter from the inhabitants of Airds re measures that should be taken against robbers in the district (Reel 6054; 4/1758 p.40b)

1822 Sep

Signatory to an address from settlers of Airds, Appin and adjoining districts requesting that the weekly market at Sydney be held on Thursday instead of Friday (Reel 6052; 4/1753 p.179a)

1822 Nov 25

Signatory to letter from honorary constables in Airds to William Reddall expressing gratitude for his efforts in facilitating the safety & welfare of the inhabitants of the district (Reel 6054; 4/1758 p.52a)

1823 Mar 4

Of Campbelltown. Request to have a ploughman assigned (Reel 6058; 4/1769 p.145b)

1823 Sep 3

Certifying to the character of William Prior in support of his petition for mitigation of sentence (Fiche 3235; 4/1870 p.50b)

1824 Sep

Memorial (Fiche 3104; 4/1838B No.746 pp.1311-4)

1825 Nov 29

Memorial including list of convicts in his employ (Fiche 3149; 4/1843B No.631 pp.1015-24). Reply, 9 Dec (Reel 6016; 4/3516 p.136)

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