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Ankers to Anthony



1812 Aug 31; 1813 Aug 9

Pitch and other stores issued to from H.M. Tool Store, Hobart (Reel 6044; 4/1729 p.334)


ANKERS, Frances

1811 Apr 1

Housekeeper to Mr Fosbrook of Hobart. Re alleged false store receipt issued to (Reel 6003; 4/3490A pp.178-9)

1811 Jun 21

Involved in charge of misconduct against Deputy Commissary Fosbrook in Hobart (Reel 6038; SZ758 pp.212-3)

1814 Nov 4

Sold house in Hobart to Charles Simpson (Fiche 3261; 4/433 pp.92-4)

ANLEP, James (Per "Matilda", 1791) see ANSLIP, John

ANLEZARK, Thomas (Per "Perseus", 1802) see ANDLEZACK, Thomas

"ANN", Master of see BEAUMONT; FRANKLAND, George Jackson; GRIMES, John; GWYNN, James; MOON, Henry

"ANN", Owner of see ROACH, William (Junior)


"ANN AND AMELIA". Convict transport

1824 Jun 16

Charter party of affreightment (Reel 6070; X944 p.35)

1824 Jul 24

Statement of provisions shipped on board for the use of convicts after their arrival (Reel 6023; 4/1095.2 p.7)

1825 Jan 5

List of 79 male convicts landed from and forwarded for distribution (Reel 6014; 4/3513 pp.198-9)

1825 Jan 5,12

Certificates for the Naval Commissioners re the arrival of (Reel 6014; 4/3513 pp.263-4, 363-5)

"ANN AND AMELIA", Master of see ASCOUGH, William

"ANN AND AMELIA", Surgeon Superintendent of see LAWRENCE, James



1815 May 18

Bond to the Naval Officer; as "Anna Maria" (Fiche 3283; X702 pp.111-4)

1817 Apr 12

Re Registry papers of (Reel 6047; 4/1739 p.188)

1817 Jun 6

Re petition by Robert Thompson against detention of (Reel 6047; 4/1739 pp.209-10)

"ANN AND MARIA", Owner of see THOMPSON, Robert

ANNARETTI, Patrick see HANRATTY, Patrick




1802 May 21; 1806 Feb 22

Re Irish convicts transported (Fiche 3289; 5/3822.2A pp.2-3, 9)

1805 May 16

Document binding James Gwynn, her master, to the port regulations (Reel 6040; ML Safe 1/51 p.19)

1810 Feb 28

Governor Macquarie directing J T Campbell and William Broughton to go on board the "Anne" to prepare a muster of convicts (Reel 6040; ML Safe 1/51 pp.167-70)

1810 Mar 17

Conveyed detachment of 73rd Regiment to Sydney (Reel 6042; 4/1723 p.222)

1819 Nov 13

Reference to accounts of duties (Reel 6048; 4/1743 p.293)

1823 Sep 8

Captain Frankland permitted to discharge seamen from (Reel 6011; 4/3509 p.205)

1823 Oct 11,14,16

Convict runaways from Port Macquarie and the Derwent to be embarked on for Hobart (Reel 6011; 4/3509 pp.407, 419, 435)

1823 Dec 15

Account of gin imported on by James Chisholm on 18 Aug 1823 remaining in the Bonded Store (Reel 6059; 4/1773 p.32)

"ANNE", Master of see CLARKE, Charles; FRANKLAND, George Jackson; GWYNN, James; WRANGLES, C

"ANNE", Owner of see ROACH, William (Junior)



1817 Jan 23

Permission sought for the commemoration of the establishment of the Colony with a dinner (Reel 6046; 4/1737 pp.26-8)

ANRATHY, Patrick (Per "Lord Sidmouth", 1821) see HANRATTY, Patrick

ANRAY, Peter (Arrived 1800) see HONORY, Peter


ANSCOMBE, John. Per "Minerva", 1824

1824 Nov 24

On list of convicts landed from the "Minerva" and forwarded to Windsor for distribution (Reel 6014; 4/3513 p.19)



ANSELL, George. Of Windsor

1825 Aug

On list of persons liable to serve as jurors in the district of Windsor (Reel 6062; 4/1782 p.79a)



1814 Jan 16

Juror at inquest on John Boyd held at Sydney (Reel 6021; 4/1819 p.33)


ANSELL, James. Of Phillip Street

1822 Jul

On list of persons receiving an assigned convict (Fiche 3290; 4/4570D p.111)

1823 Jun 30, Sep 30

On list of persons to whom convict mechanics have been assigned (Fiche 3296; X53 p.70)

1824 Feb 17

On list of persons receiving an assigned convict; listed as Hansell (Fiche 3291; 4/4570D p.133)

1824 c.Apr

On list of defaulters in payment for assigned convict mechanics for the quarters ending 31 Dec 1823 and 31 Mar 1824 (Reel 6061; 4/1778 p.265a)

1824 c.Jul

On account of rents received for assigned convict tradesmen for the three quarters ending 30 Jun 1824 (Reel 6061; 4/1779 p.173a)


ANSELL, James. Per "Atlas", 1816

1825 Jun 9

Servant of William Watkins of Sydney; attestation as to his character for a ticket of leave (Reel 6027; 4/1717.1 pp.20-1)


ANSELL, James. Per "Fortune", 1806

1810 Feb 13

Petition for mitigation of sentence (Fiche 3163; 4/1846 p.3)


ANSELL, Joseph

1822 Nov-1824 Jan

On the Richmond School Roll (Fiche 3307; SZ1014 pp.18, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 46, 50, 54)


ANSELL, Michael. Per "Coromandel", 1802; of Lane Cove

1816 Jan 16

On list of persons to receive grants of land in 1816 (Fiche 3266; 9/2652 p.28)

1819 Oct 10

Evidence at inquest on Thomas Cooper (Reel 6021; 4/1819 pp.101-3)

1820 Jul

Memorial (Fiche 3013; 4/1823 No.14)

1822 Nov; 1824 Jan

On list of persons receiving an assigned convict (Fiche 3290; 4/4570D pp.62, 63)

ANSELL, Thomas (Per "Recovery", 1819) see INSELL, Thomas


ANSELL, William

1822 Aug-1824 Jan

On the Richmond School Roll (Fiche 3307; SZ1014 pp.6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 50, 54)

ANSLEY, Charles (Per "Grenada", 1819) see HENSLEY, Charles


ANSLEY, Jane. Per "Mary"

1824 Feb

Re permission to marry at Parramatta (Reel 6012; 4/3510 p.321)



1806 c.Feb

On list signed by Martin Mason re defamation case of Marsden v Mason (Reel 6041; 4/1720 p.170)


ANSLIP, Charles

1821 Sep 8

Son of John, constable. On list of all persons victualled from H.M. Magazines (Reel 6016; 4/5781 p.59)

ANSLIP, James (Per "Matilda", 1791) see ANSLIP, John


ANSLIP, John. Per "Matilda", 1791; constable in Sydney

1804 Apr 7

Subscribed to the rules and orders of the Sydney Loyal Association (Reel 6041; 4/1719 p.192)

1810 Jun 4

Private in the Loyal Sydney Volunteer Association; listed as James (Reel 6042; 4/1725 p.12)

1810 Dec 29

Appointed a constable in Sydney (Reel 6038; SZ758 p.152)

1818 Jun 1

Memorial (Fiche 3011; 4/1822A No.1)

1821 Sep 8

Constable. On list of all persons victualled from H.M. Magazines; with his wife and son Charles (Reel 6016; 4/5781 p.59)


Signatory to petition from the ordinary constables of Sydney complaining of the diminution of their rations (Reel 6055; 4/1760 p.43c)

1822 Mar 5

Re Macquarie's denial of knowledge of claim in memorial of (Reel 6008; 4/3504A p.519)

1822 Dec 27-1825 Aug 30

On pay lists of constables employed at Sydney (Reel 6029, 4/7016A pp.13-215, 4/7016B pp.5-207 & 4/7016C pp.22-383; Reel 6030, 4/7016D pp.19-385; Reel 6061, 4/1779 pp.154a, 163a & 4/1780 pp.190a, 207a, 222a)


On list of constables with dates of deaths, dismissals and resignations; not known as constable in Sydney. Listed as Anlep (Reel 6059; 4/1773 p.162)

1823 Mar

On list of constables in Sydney from Sep 1820 to Mar 1823 (Reel 6056; 4/1764 p.64)


On list of constables doing duty in Sydney and its environs requiring slop clothing (Reel 6017; 4/5782 p.93)

1824 May 22, Jun 4,11

On lists of constables doing duty for the town of Sydney and its vicinity who are entitled to a weekly ration (Reel 6061; 4/1779 pp.97a, 119a, 140a)

1824 Dec 31

On list of district and other constables doing duty in Sydney and its vicinity; stationed with the Supreme Judges (Reel 6063; 4/1784 p.314b)



ANSON, Mr. Of Baulkham Hills

1802 Apr 10

Particulars of arms in possession of (Reel 6041; 4/1719 p.89)


ANSON, Henry


In index to land grants in Van Diemen's Land (Fiche 3262; 4/438 p.2)


ANSON, John. Came free per "Buffalo"

1799 Nov 12

On list of all grants and leases of land registered in the Colonial Secretary's Office (Fiche 3267; 9/2731 p.108)


ANSON, John. Carpenter

1807 Aug 24

On statement of capital advanced by John Blaxland in his concerns from 3 Apr 1807 to 14 Sep 1808 (Reel 6043; 4/1727 p.201)

1812 May 29

Payment received by for building new residence for Judge Advocate (Reel 6043; 4/1727 p.242)


ANSON, John. Carpenter at Hobart


In index to land grants in Van Diemen's Land (Fiche 3262; 4/438 p.2)

1815 Aug 2

Re assignment of land in Van Diemen's Land (Fiche 3261; 4/433 pp.80-2)

1816 Jul 19

Witnessed legal document in Hobart (Fiche 3261; 4/433 p.118)



1810 Jan 5

To be released from Sydney Gaol on the occasion of Lachlan Macquarie taking charge of the Government (Reel 6038; SZ758 p.1)


ANSON, John. Of Phillip Street

1811 Mar 16

Received beer licence in Feb 1811 (Reel 6038; SZ758 p.184)


ANSON, John. Of Richmond

1811 Jun 12

On list of persons to receive grants of land in different parts of the Colony as soon as they can be measured (Fiche 3266; 9/2652 p.8)



1813 Oct 1,15

Juror at inquests on Isaac Green & William Smith held at Sydney (Reel 6021; 4/1819 pp.249, 647)

ANSON, John (Per "Mary", 1817) see HANSON, John

ANSON, Samuel (Per "Admiral Gambier", 1808) see HANSON, William

ANSON, William (Of Castlereagh) see HANSON, William

ANSON, William J (Surgeon at Hobart) see J'ANSON, William


ANSON, William

1818 Nov 28

Paid from the Police Fund for services performed in new discovered country (Reel 6038; SZ759 p.527)


ANSON, William

1823 Mar 5

At the Benevolent Asylum; a lunatic. Re transfer of to the Asylum at Castle Hill (Reel 6010; 4/3507 p.399)

ANSON, William (Per "Admiral Gambier", 1808) see HANSON, William


ANSON, William alias FITZGERALD. Per "Castle Forbes", 1824

1824 Jan 20

On list of convicts landed from the "Castle Forbes" and forwarded to Windsor for distribution (Reel 6012; 4/3510 p.196)

ANSON, William (Per "Mangles", 1824) see HANSON, William


ANSTEE, Elizabeth. Free by servitude

1825 Jul 27

Permitted to accompany her husband John Melody to Moreton Bay (Reel 6019; 4/3794 p.10)


ANSTEY, Thomas. Came free per "Berwick", 1823; landholder and Justice of the Peace, Van Diemen's Land


In index to land grants in Van Diemen's Land (Fiche 3262; 4/438 p.3)

1824 Mar 9-1825 Apr 12

Copies of Letters Patent re his appointment as Justice of the Peace (Reel 6039, 4/424 pp.221-3; Reel 6017, 4/5782 pp.201-6, 293-8)

1825 Aug 26

Description of additional grants of land in Van Diemen's Land (Fiche 3260; 2/8015.4 p.1)


ANSTICE, Joseph Ball. Master, "Bencoolen"

1819 Sep 24

Bill drawn on H.M. Treasury in favour of (Reel 6049; 4/1745 pp.83, 378)

1819 Sep 30

Re discharge of his steward (Reel 6006; 4/3500 p.278)

1819 Oct 4

Re attested copy of muster roll of the "Bencoolen" bound for Calcutta (Reel 6018; 4/3521 p.228)


ANSTICE, Robert. Per "Larkins", 1817

1817 Dec 2

On list of convicts disembarked from the "Larkins" and forwarded to Liverpool for distribution; listed as Anstice or Anstince (Reel 6005; 4/3497 p.192)

ANSTINCE, Robert (Per "Larkins", 1817) see ANSTICE, Robert



ANSWORTH, Thomas. Per "Earl St Vincent", 1823

1823 Sep 15

On list of convicts landed from the "Earl St Vincent" and forwarded to Minto for distribution (Reel 6011; 4/3509 p.242)

1823 Nov 17

On list of prisoners assigned; listed as Ainsworth (Fiche 3290; 4/4570D p.2)

"ANTELOPE", Master of see BEDDOE, Thomas


ANTHONIO, Charles see ANTONY, Charles



1813 Dec

Witness in the matter of the brig "Daphne", Vice Admiralty Court (Reel 6040; 9/2735 p.17)

ANTHONIO, John (Per "Coromandel", 1820) see ANTHONY, John



ANTHONY, James. Per "Prince Regent", 1820

1822 Oct 11

On lists of prisoners transported to Port Macquarie per "Snapper" (Reel 6019; 4/3864 pp.13, 372-3)


ANTHONY, John Michael

1817 Oct 10

Inquest on body of held at Sydney (Reel 6021; 4/1819 pp.17-20)

1817 Oct 24

Son of Mrs Grace Boulton by former marriage, and heir to her property, shot himself, estate therefore forfeited to Crown; reference to in memorial of Edward Edwards (Reel 6047; 4/1739 pp.270-2)

1817 Nov 4

To Edward Edwards relinquishing all crown claims to property of Anthony, who suicided (Reel 6005; 4/3497 p.121)


ANTHONY, John. Per Coromandel", 1820

1821 Apr 28,30

Prisoner arrived from Hobart per "Medway" under sentence of transportation to Newcastle; to be held in Sydney Gaol; Listed as Antonio (Reel 6008; 4/3504 pp.7, 10)

1821 May 24

On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per "Snapper"; listed as Antony (Reel 6008; 4/3504 p.34)

1821 Nov 12

Convict from Van Diemen's Land under sentence to Newcastle. Re warrant respecting the commencement and duration of sentence; appears as Antony (Reel 6008; 4/3504A p.57)

1821 Dec

On monthly return of prisoners punished at Newcastle; appears as Antonio (Reel 6023; 4/1718 p.139)

1821 Dec 24

Convict at Newcastle under sentence from Van Diemen's Land. Request for details of his sentence (Reel 6008; 4/3504A p.196)


On list of convicts at Port Macquarie (Reel 6019; 4/3864 pp.342-3)

1822 Feb 14

On list of prisoners transported from Van Diemen's Land to Newcastle; listed as Antony (Reel 6009; 4/3505 p.257)

1822 Sep 23-Oct 21

Sentenced to death; commuted to transportation to Macquarie Harbour. In reports of prisoners tried at Court of Criminal Jurisdiction; listed as Anthonio (Reel 6023; X820 p.69)

1822 Nov 5

Tried in Sydney. Sentence commuted to transportation to Macquarie Harbour; appears as Antonio (Reel 6070; 4/1265 p.9)

1822 Nov 5

Commutation warrant; listed as Antonio (Reel 6070; 4/7020 No.105)

1822 Nov 27

On list of convict runaways from Port Macquarie embarked on the "Elizabeth Henrietta" for Hobart (Reel 6009; 4/3506 p.479)

1822 Nov 28

Prisoner to be embarked on board "Elizabeth Henrietta" for Hobart (Reel 6010; 4/3507 p.1)



1817 Oct 24

Sister of John Michael Anthony and daughter of Mrs Grace Boulton by earlier marriage, married Edward Edwards; referred to in memorial of Edward Edwards (Reel 6047; 4/1739 pp.270-2)

ANTHONY, Michael (Per "Indefatigable", 1815) see ANTONIO, Michael



1809 Sep

Discharged from the Hawkesbury Stores (Reel 6040; 9/2673 p.88)


ANTHONY, William. Per "Prince Regent"

1822 Mar 26

On list of prisoners assigned (Fiche 3290; 4/4570D p.2)

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